For some reasons an applicant may wish to cancel his or her nsfas application online. Here we show how to submit an application so that nsfas can consider your request for cancelation.

It doesn’t usually happen that a student or a potential student will want to cancel their submitted application for NSFAS, but it is still possible.


To cancel your application online, the applicant in question must have to submit an official request letter and be submitted to the office of NSFAS.

The applicant must submit and indicate the main purpose or reason for the cancelation and once again, the identity verification of the applicant.


NSFAS will have to check if indeed the applicant is the one that is making the request and not any third party or an unscrupulous person.

Write in the letter indicating why you think that your application should be deleted or canceled or withdrawn altogether. It should be convincing enough, for example, if your household financial standings have improved over the months and therefore does not qualify or in other instances, you no longer meet the minimum requirements to qualify for the bursary.

If possible attach official documents to support your claim or request for the cancelation of the grant.

It has to be noted that, NSFAS randomly make a search on beneficiaries to see if there is financial improvement may automatically cancel a beneficiary’s bursary.


The embarrassment that comes with it, it is therefore a good idea to first of all disclose this nsfas before they themselves become aware through their investigation.

In your letter or email indicate, your full name, ID number (documents), institution (if you are already being funded)

After everything, you can send it in person or send it to their official email address [email protected]

Just wait for the response from NSFAS. If you waited for a long time without any response from them you can give them a voice call on their official telephone 08000067327


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