Introduction : Requirements for NSFAS Applications

NSFAS ( National Student Financial Aid Scheme) is one biggest financial aid scheme in South Africa that helps support students in public tertiary education sector including the university and the TVET.

Per the scheme administration, there are certain minimum requirements each applicant has to meet before his or her application will be considered.


NSFAS will be required to do thorough search on the applicant’s family, financial and academic background before taking decision on the submitted application.

Some applicants over the years decide to hide key information on their family background and more especially their true financial standings in order take advantage of the bursary which is basically meant for those who have financial difficulties and needs support.


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Here are the requirements for NSFAS Applications 2022

It has to be noted that before any applicant will make an attempt to apply for NSFAS, he or she must meet some basic requirements or qualifications in order for the submitted application to be considered.

  • The applicant must be a citizen of South Africa or South African Citizen. As far as you can legally qualify to be a citizen of South Africa through whatever means.
  • If you are a SASSA grant recipient, you too can apply for the NSFAS bursaries.
  • The applicant’s combined household income should not be more than R350, 000 annually or yearly. The threshold of the financial standing of the family (household) is R350, 000 per annum. If it is more than this figure, the application will be rejected. The bursary is purposely for people coming from poor homes or people with less income. In effect, the household’s average monthly income should not be more than R29166.67.
  • For persons with disability, the combined household income should not be more than R600,000 per annum or yearly.
  • The applicant should not have completed any previous qualification.
  • If you are already in school, such students should also not have a combined household income of more than R350,000 per annum.
  • For students who who have already submitted their application and approved and currently funded do not need to apply again but will continue to be funded for the duration of their study provided they pass their modules and meet academic requirements. With this, NSFAS may terminate your funding if you fail to pass your semester exams or deferred or rusticated.
  • Foreign students are not allowed to apply as said from the outset. This bursary program is exclusively for students who are South Africans.

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