nsfas wallet password reset

Have you forgotten your password for your nsfas wallet or you have a suspicious activities and would want to reset or change your password password altogether?

Follow these simple instructions to reset your nsfas wallet password.
1. Just log into the nsfas personal account ( dashboard
2. Look for the button named “NSFAS Chat” and click on it.
3. You will be connected with an officer who will happily assist you to reset your password.
4. You will be required to provide the following credentials to continue the process :
ID number Cell phone number email address


What if your nsfas wallet is blocked.

If your NSFAS wallet is blocked or locked , please follow these instructions to have your wallet account unblocked or unlocked:

1. Send an official email to the email address : [email protected]
2. The email should contain
3. ID number and a copy of your ID
4. Surname and Full Name as appears on your ID documents
5. Cellphone number and your functioning email address
6. Postal or physical address
7. A brief description of your issue with all the needed details


For any other enquiries regarding the nsfas wallet account, send official request to the email : [email protected] with the following information
1. ID number
2. Email address
3. Surname and Full Name
4. Postal or Physical address
5. A brief description of the issue or concerns.


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  1. I can’t check my balance because i don’t have a password…please reset my NSFAS Wallet to get my password

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