If you’re a new customer or you seldom use Telkom, you might not know simple activities like how to check balance and this is what this article will treat. Keep reading.

Checking your airtime and data bundle balance on Telkom via different methods.

Checking your data and airtime balance on Telkom is quite simple. You get the same results as your query when you switch between different methods of checking. Now let’s get to it.


How to check your airtime and data bundle balance via USSD code.

This is the simplest and the most common way to check your balance. Whether you’re using a smartphone or not, the USSD code method just requires you to dial a three-digit number preceded by a star and succeeded by a hash. So, all you need is to dial *188# on your phone that has a Telkom sim card and your airtime balance will be displayed.

For your data bundle balance, simply dial the same USSD code for airtime balance.


How to check your airtime and data bundle balance on the Telkom app.

Using the Telkom app means taking advantage of their products and services. They’ve made the user interface easy to navigate and you can practically do anything Telkom-related on it.

Checking your airtime and data bundle balance requires a data connection and the Telkom app installed on your phone. If you’re using an Android phone, Google Playstore is where you’ll get the Telkom app to download from. For iPhone users, the App Store.

Once you’ve had it installed, launch it and follow the prompts to register your phone number. Anytime you log in, all your data bundle balance and airtime balance will be displayed.

How to Check Balance via WhatsApp.

There’s nothing more pleasant than being able to get a quick response to your query from a 24/7 online customer service. This is what Telkom has provided to its customer. You can easily chat directly with a customer care representative on Whatsapp and get a quick-response answer to your query.


Just add 0811601700 to your contact list and you begin to chat with them directly about your airtime balance, data bundle balance and other related issues.

Checking your balance on Telkom website.

This is quite simple and it requires internet connection also. All you need to do is visit the Telkom website, log in or register if you haven’t (you can find the ‘REGISTER ” on the My Telkom category on the menu), follow all prompts in registration, log in, and all your details will be displayed to you on a page, including airtime and data bundle balance.

How to check data balance via SMS.

As you know, internet connection is an essential tool to staying online and alert in this digital age. Now, you may have used more data than you expect to have used. For instance, downloading a full movie of 350MB requires you to have more than 350MB of space and more than 350MB of data bundle.

So, to keep being connected to the internet, you have to track how you spend your data bundle and do a top-up when necessary.

Moreover, many android smartphones inform users of how they spend their data in ‘data usage’, showing them battery-draining and high data consuming apps. Instagram and TikTok are examples.

To check your data balance via SMS, simply send a blank message to 188 and your data bundle details will be sent to you via SMS.

How use the IVR menu to check Balance.

All you need do is dial 188 and the voice prompts will be activated for you to command by following the prompts with certain numbers you’re aked to press.

How to Check balance on your Telkom Router.

Large data volume users usually use WiFi or MiFi routers, but many new users might not really know how to check how much data they’ve used. So here’s now to do it:

  • Visit the Telkom service portal and login.
  • All your details including your router balance will be shown to you on the portal.


With all these mentioned clearly explained above, you see that this is quite easy. Existing and old subscribers are already used to these methods. So, if you’re a new subscriber, here are the most effective ways to check your balance.


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