How To Buy And Check Airtime Balance On MTN

Do you want to know how to buy and check your airtime balance on MTN? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

MTN is a major player in the African telecommunications market. After Vodacom, the company is the second-largest player in South Africa.

If you’ve recently switched to MTN, you might be wondering how to perform an MTN balance check.

In this article, we’ll show you how to buy airtime and check your MTN airtime balance.

Ways To Buy Airtime On MTN


From our Recharge section, you can purchase airtime or recharge your phone.


Using an ATM:

1. Insert your bank card

2. Enter your PIN

3. Select Airtime

4. Enter the cell phone number to be recharged.

5. Select how much you want

Most local banks sell airtime both in-app and on their websites.

MTN Eazi Recharge

Using your debit or credit card, purchase airtime for any MTN number.

Transfer from Me2U

Get airtime from a different MTN number.

Dial *136*3# and follow the onscreen prompts, or dial *136*6328*cellphone number you’re requesting from#.


Use your cellphone to recharge another MTN number with airtime.

Xtra Time

Customers who qualify for XtraTime can receive an airtime advance, which they must repay later.


Purchase airtime directly from your MoMo account.


To get airtime from an MTN Zoner, do the following:

1. Tell the vendor what cell phone number you want to recharge

2. Pay for the purchase

3. The airtime will be transferred to the cellphone number of your choice.

4. A confirmation SMS and balance update will be sent to the account that is being recharged.


A voucher can be obtained from any MTN Store or a participating retailer.

How To Check Airtime Balance On MTN

To check your airtime balance on MTN, follow the steps below;

Dial *136# from your phone. You will be given a summary of your account balance.

Dial *136*1# to view your MTN balance in greater detail.

You can also get your airtime balance by dialing 136.

What is the cost of the service?

When you check your MTN airtime balance, you are not charged anything.

Who would want to take advantage of this service?

MTN, as previously stated, is a major player in the South African mobile communications market.

If you are one of the people who has recently switched to MTN, you may be looking for the information contained in this article.

People who have been with MTN for a long time are probably already aware of how to view their airtime balances. As a result, this information is intended for novices.

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