Sharing airtime and data on Africa’s biggest telecommunication company can be seamless, as all new and existing customers can share that data or airtime they have gotten in abundance with family and friends.


It requires just that little effort to get that airtime to that loved one, with these simple steps you can transfer part of your airtime to that family or Friend.

What do I need to know?

You might be wondering if I am on a certain plan would I be restricted from transferring airtime to a loved one, the answer is no. It doesn’t matter what plan you are on, whether PayAsYouGo Customer, MTN Contract, Anytime Top-up, or other, as long as you are a registered user of the network, you are eligible to share your airtime with family and friends.


What is the transfer Limit?

You can transfer any amount, however, you can’t transfer anything less than R2.

note: any promotional airtime can not be transferred on any plan, you can only transfer from your prepaid account. To transfer airtime from Contract customers, you would need to contact your service provider to get you registered for the Me2u service, which would enable you to transfer airtime.

Steps to Transfer Airtime.

There are alternatives to transfer airtime, here are the steps you could take,

  • On the sender’s phone, dial *131*6328*recipient number*amount#. For example, if you want to send say R50 worth of airtime to the phone number 0735857897, then you dial *131*6328*0735857897*50#
  • alternatively, you can dial *1363# and follow the prompt
  • Or dial 141 and follow the voice prompt

Note that this service is totally free, you are not being charged for it, also you can only share with MTN subscribers only. So enjoy sharing that airtime in abundance with family and friends who might need it.


By Edna

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