Do you want to buy and check your data balance on MTN? Knowing which USSD codes to use can save you time. If you are an MTN customer, one of the things you will want to do regularly is to buy data and check your balance.


There are several options, including using the MTN app. In this article, we’ll look at the simplest way to buy and check your data balance on MTN

Ways To Buy Data On MTN



From our data bundles section, you can purchase data bundles on our phone.


With your ATM:

1. Insert your bank card


2. Enter your PIN

3. Select the particular data bundles

4. Enter the cell phone number you are buying the data bundle in

5. Select how much you want

Most local banks sell data bundles both in-app and on their websites.

MTN Eazi Recharge

MTN Eazi Recharge is a safe and simple way to buy data into your MTN account. It makes no difference whether you’re prepaid or post-paid; Using your debit or credit card, purchase data bundles for any MTN number.

USSD codes

You can also purchase data bundles using the USSD code. To purchase you have to dial *136*10# and select the data bundle option you want.

Some Popular Internet Bundles And Their Codes

MTN rush hour 10MB

This bundle can be used for up to 60 minutes, just dial *136*2*44311# to get this bundle and follow the onscreen prompts

MTN one day 20MB

To get this one day 20MB bundle, you just have to dial the shortcode for it *136*2# then follow the onscreen prompts

Daily MTN night express 250MB

This deal gives you 250MB of data to use at night between 00:01 and 05:59 the USSD code for this bundle is *136*2# Then, follow the onscreen prompts.

MTN 500MB weekly

This deal gives 500MB of data to use for a whole week, the shortcode option is *136*2#, and follow the onscreen prompts

Mtn 1GB fortnight

This bundle gives you 1GB of data for 2 weeks the codes option is *136*2# Then, follow the onscreen prompts.

How to check data balance on MTN

USSD Code for MTN Data Balance

*136# is the USSD code to check data balance on MTN. It’s the same code you’d use to check your airtime balance.

Dial *136*1# to get a detailed view of your balance, you are not charged for this service

You can also check your data balance on MTN through the mymtn App, all you have to do is to download the App from your app store and get started, you will also get a free 1GB for downloading the app as MTN special customer

This service is only valid for MTN users.


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