MTN Pulse: How to Get the Best Data Plans.

MTN is undoubtedly the most used network service provider on the African continent. It is most popular in western countries like Nigeria (where it is best for the internet), and Ghana. Also, it offers the best services across other countries in Africa including South Africa where it is also regarded as the chief mobile network service provider.

MTN is known to offer a wide range of tariff plans with mouth-watering and juicy options. One of the most favorite or most preferred tariff plans used by network customers is MTN Pulse. Other juicy tariff plans in South Africa by MTN include: Pay As You Surf Internet Starter Pack, MTN Zone Per Second, MTN Pay Per Second, and MTN Talk Free.


In this article, we’ll talk about MTN Pulse, MTN Pulse bundles, its benefits, features, and juicy offers from the tariff plan.

MTN Pulse Introduction.

MTN has introduced and launched the most preferred tariff plans for youths and youngsters, including students. It is called MTN Pulse. Its juicy and mind-blowing bundles will help you surf the web, connect with people online using social media, and stay longer on the internet doing profitable things.


Furthermore, MTN Pulse also provides you with juicy voice call bundles to other MTN customers in South Africa. MTN customers on the MTN Pulse tariff plan will have a choice of choosing whether they want a data and voice bundle, data only, or a social media bundle at one price point.

In addition to the amazing data bundles from MTN Pulse, students are now at the advantage of studying effectively from home with the MTN Pulse 10GB bundle. This will be discussed later in this article.

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MTN Pulse Bundles.

Below are the MTN Pulse bundles in various categories, validity, and prices. MTN Pulse is categorized into four plans with different bundles to choose from. They are:

  • MTN Pulse Integrated voice and data bundles
  • MTN Pulse Data only bundles
  • MTN Pulse Social Pass bundles, and
  • MTN Pulse Student bundle.

MTN Pulse Integrated Voice and Data Bundles

 ValidityAnytime data, Night express and MTN-to-MTN minutesPrice (VAT Included)
MTN Pulse Daily R5 BundleDaily100MB (50MB Anytime + 50MB Night Express) + 5 mins MTN-to-MTNR5.00
MTN Pulse Daily R10 BundleDaily400MB (200MB Anytime + 200MB Night Express) + 15 mins MTN-to-MTNR10.00
MTN Pulse Daily R19 BundleDaily1GB (500MB Anytime + 500MB Night Express) + 30 mins MTN-to-MTN + free 60 mins MTN Pulse-to-MTN PulseR19.00
MTN Pulse Weekly R30 BundleWeekly800MB (400MB Anytime + 400MB Night Express) + 60 mins MTN-to-MTN + free 60 mins MTN Pulse-to-MTN PulseR30.00
MTN Pulse Monthly R79 BundleMonthly2GB (1GB Anytime + 1GB Night Express) + 100 min MTN-to-MTN + free 100 min MTN Pulse-to-MTN PulseR79.00

MTN Pulse Data Only Bundles.

 ValidityAnytime data + Night Express DataPrice (VAT included)
MTN Pulse Daily R5 BundleDaily120MB (60MB Anytime + 60MB Night Express)R5.00
MTN Pulse Daily R10 BundleDaily500MB (250MB Anytime + 250MB Night Express)R10.00
MTN Pulse Daily R19 BundleDaily1GB AnytimeR19.00
MTN Pulse Daily R30 BundleWeekly1GB (500MB Anytime + 500MB Night Express)R30.00
MTN Pulse Monthly R79 BundleMonthly2.5GB (1.25GB Anytime + 1.25 GB Night Express)R79.00

MTN Pulse Social Pass Bundles.

The MTN Social Pass Bundles are designated for social media surfing only. This allows social media enthusiasts, small business owners, and networkers to leverage social media profitably.

 ValidityMulti URL Bundles include WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTokPrice (VAT Included)
MTN Pulse R5 Social Pass BundleDaily300MBR5.00
MTN Pulse R10 Social Pass BundleDaily1GBR10.00
MTN Pulse R19 Social Pass BundleDaily3GBR30.00
MTN Pulse R79 Social Pass BundleMonthly8GBR79.00

MTN Pulse Student Bundle

The MTN Pulse Student Bundle is for students to leverage the internet as well alas the social media for academic purposes.

 ValidityAnytime + Night Express DataPrice (Vat Included)
MTN Pulse 10GB Student BundleWeekly5GB Anytime + 5GB Night ExpressR49.00

MTN Pulse USSD Code.

An MTN user under 25 can be a part of the juicy and amazing data and voice offers from MTN Pulse by dialing *411#.

How to check MTN Pulse Data Balance.

To check your MTN Pulse Data Balance you dial *136# for a summary of how much data you’ve used. If you want detailed information on your data balance, then dial *136*1#.

How to Stop Auto-renewal on MTN Pulse Data.

To avoid your data from auto-renewing from your airtime, follow the steps below:

  • Dial *131#
  • Select the first option by pressing 1
  • Choose manage data (option 8)
  • Select cancel Auto-renewal (option 3)
  • Select bundle to opt-out of auto-renewal.

How to Deactivate or Cancel MTN Pulse.

Probably, you might want to migrate to a better tariff plan. What do you think, though? You can actually call customer care and inform them of your intention to migrate or deactivate the MTN Pulse.

MTN Pulse 10GB Student Bundle.

Although, the MTN Pulse 10GB student Bundle is designed for students under 25 years of age to assist them is studying through the web and social media (probably through groups). However, it is not limited to students alone. This huge data bundle for just R49.00 is for youths and non-students too. This is to get you as a student to study effectively, or as a hustler to keep your hustle going and maintain your social presence.

MTN Pulse South Africa
MTN Pulse South Africa

To be eligible to use this mouth-watering data bundle of 10GB per week on MTN Pulse, you must be an MTN Pulse user, and more importantly, you must be under 25.

The 10GB Student Bundle from MTN Pulse is subdivided into two, which also adds another free 500MB as a “home bundle”. 5GB as regular data (anytime) + 5GB as Night Express Data (Used at night). The 500MB plus is used for accessing e-learning and collaborative social platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, or Google Classroom.

How to Activate MTN Pulse 10GB Student Bundle.

To activate this juicy and stay-online data package, first, you need to be an MTN Pulse user and not more than 25 years old, as you may already know.

Now, to subscribe and activate, visit the MTN ZA pulse page at

Once you’re there, you just need to sign up by providing your MTN number and ID number to join.

Alternatively, you can simply dial the MTN Pulse code *411# to subscribe and activate the MTN Pulse Student Bundle and R49 will be deducted from your main airtime balance.


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