You are currently viewing Reapplication Pending or Awaiting Reapplication – Checking SRD R350 Grant Status – What Does That Mean?

Reapplication Pending or Awaiting Reapplication – Checking SRD R350 Grant Status – What Does That Mean?

If you currently trying to check your SRD R350 grants application status, you are met with the message “Reapplication Pending” and some are worried and want to know what that means.

Let me explain this a bit to everyone who sees this article and you can share it with anyone online to also have some knowledge about what is actually going on here.

This afternoon the National Social Development Department released a media statement on the extension of the SRD grant which the president has announced during his 2022 State of the Nation Address in February that the SRD R350 Grant should be extended till March 2023.

According to the statement, there is going to be additional requirements for the applicants to meet before approval will be given and more over this extension now falls under a new legislative framework altogether and thus why there is a need for applicants to submit new applications.

The statement further indicated that the official website of the ongoing SRD R350 grant will be fully activated for new applications starting 00.00 of Saturday 23rd April 2022.

So those of you who see reapplications pending means that, the system is not fully activated to take in new applications and you must therefore wait and be more patient as they put their system in place.

We are closely monitoring events and whenever there’s a new update or development, we will accordingly update our cherished readers and visitors.

Update to this story

Please those who see this “Reapplication Pending” should go and confirm existing application using the link Check the image below. You may be asked few questions but first have to accept the consent, your parents or Spouse ID numbers where applicable and submit.

When done, go back to check your status and you will April 2022 is pending

The above procedure is explained in details here

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  1. Rowaida Abrahams

    I dont receive any payment for 4months

  2. zukisani

    if you did not recieve your 350this month and you ur status is reapplication will you still get your 350 for this month?

  3. Zandile

    I did not receive my R50 this month

    1. Slindile mhlongo

      I don’t know how to reaply

      1. Bernice Koopman

        Hi me too don’t know how to reapply for the mouth of April please

  4. Lerato

    I did’nt receive my sassa application so how do i reapply

  5. Petu

    Is it important to include my parents I’d numbers. I am in my late forties and I don’t have parents. My mom was a single parent and has since passed on. When I reapply and don’t fill the ID numbers for parents it says failed what must I do

  6. Petu

    I am in my late forties When I reapply it says failed because I didn’t fill the parents I’d numbers my mom was a single parent and has since passed on what must I do for my application to be successful

  7. Zanethemba

    I want to reapply but it doesn’t want to send me the SMS,it says failed

  8. Patience Nancy mmusi

    My status says awaiting reapplication

  9. Lindi

    Hy does everyone need to reapply cause mine says awating reapplication

  10. Khomotso

    Am trying to reapply but it says failed, I want to know why

  11. Reneiloe

    I was trying to reapply for srd but keep on telling that”pin has been sent, try another in 15 minutes” so what must i do for that

  12. Navelo macebele

    I was reapplying but it says my grant application already active but I didn’t reapply what did this mean


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