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8 Steps To Unlock NSFAS Wallet Account Using Mobile Phone

Now you can use your own cell phone to unlock your nsfas wallet account if you are locked out.

NSFAS had asked students or bursaries recipients to send an email to certain address to unlock their locked account. But it looks as if they are overwhelmed with the numerous requests.

Unlock NSFAS Wallet account with phone

Unlock nsfas wallet account with a cell phone

  • You will need mynsfas account and nsfas wallet account before you use this all-new method.
  • Make sure the cell phone number is the same as the one saved in the mynsfas account.
  • Dial *120*176# on your phone.
  • Click on the option “Unlock with OTP”
  • An SMS containing One Time Pin (PIN) will be sent to a cell phone.
  • Type in the OTP received and press Enter.
  • A confirmation message will be received indicating your nsfas wallet account is successfully unlocked.
  • After this, you can go ahead and access your account again.

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Always keep your account information secured and don’t share it with anyone.

When entering password, keep away from intruders and always put a lock on your cell phone.

If you are sharing a computer or accessing your account on a public computer, never save your passwords on those computers (internet browsers)

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