NSFAS Fraud Alert – Applicants and Recipients Must Be Careful

The NSFAS has warned its applicants and beneficiaries to be wary of a certain rogue website claiming to nsfas related and collecting recipient’s celbux accounts details.

In a post shared both on their website and their Twitter and Facebook pages, such website can collect their account details which will these fraudsters to collect their payments.

In the statement, nsfas says they have discovered a fraudulent website posing as NSFAS student portal (http://nsfassstudentportal.xaun.co.za/). This website according to nsfas is urging student yo update their celbux account details. NSFAS is therefore pleading with students not to open the link as it is fake.

The scam website capture student details and celbux account password and use them to hijack the student’s account and steal allowances.

Nsfas therefore urges students not to share their personal details and nsfas account details with any one either online or offline.

For any related questions or nsfas wallet, you can always contact nsfas on the following channels :

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