How to Check MTN Number

If you, like many others, have misplaced your MTN SIM pack due to the use of multiple SIM cards at the same time. Now you can’t recall the number, which has led you to this post on how to check the MTN number. Let’s get started with these two simple ways.

Methods on How to Check MTN Number

Method 1: Recharge your MTN Number and Call or Text a Friend

This is the first and simplest method. Simply top up your MTN line with airtime by dialing *141*Voucher number# and use it to make a call or send an SMS to a friend. Your MTN number will appear on the other person’s phone, and you will obtain your phone number this way.

Method 2: Requesting a Call Me Back

MTN has a call me back option that allows you to send a free SMS to a friend requesting that they call you using *133#. As a result, your phone number will appear on the receiver’s phone as the sender of the SMS.

If you want to learn more about MTN Call Me Back, go here: MTN Call Me Back Code

With any of these 2 methods, you can easily check your MTN number with ease. If you found this post helpful, kindly share it with your friends that need to see this.

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