Did you know SASSA can  decline an application for SRD R350 Grant because of cash deposit in banks account?Did you know SASSA can  decline an application for SRD R350 Grant because of cash deposit in banks account?

This might sound absurd but that really is the case and what we are currently witnessing about the mass decline of SRD R350 grants application.

All the applications that were decline as having “Alternative Income Source Identified” are as result of this either in your submitted bank account details or ewallet account.


Why are we saying this? Yes when applying for the grant you gave SASSA your consent to look into your bank account balance, ID documents verification and other information about you in some government agencies in 2023.

With this, SASSA has the permission to look into your bank account statement to find out the cash flows in your account.


Watch the video below for more information and insight

This, according to SASSA, is to ascertain if indeed the applicant is nit having any other source of income because it was stated that the eligible applicant must be unemployed and not receiving any other income whatsoever.

SASSA can use bank accounts balance to decline SRD R350 Grant

When they check out your bank account balance and statements and realize there is a regular transaction in the account, it means your application is likely to be declined regardless of whoever that money in the account is meant for.

One mother shared her experience saying the cash that comes to her Capitec Bank Account is for the child coming from the father of the child. And she wonders why SASSA will consider that as her “alternative income source Identified”.


Thousands of applicants starting on Friday were shocked to see status pending for a while being declined all of a sudden with the reason “Alternative Income Source Identified“.

They can appeal this decision by applying for a reconsideration.

Other reasons for decline were : uif registered, identity verification failed etc

In all these, applicants who wish to seek redress can submit reconsideration application appeal application) within 30 days from the date of the decline.

But some who have tried to submit reconsideration are met with failed messages when they try to submit their applications.

We believe SASSA might be working on that and will be functional very soon.

Now you can submit your appeal or reconsideration application using the link

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By Edna

6 thoughts on “Did you know SASSA can decline an application for SRD R350 Grant because of cash deposit in banks account? April 2024”
  1. I was also declined for alternative source of income
    I only recieve child support grant for my kidz
    That the only source of income I recieve

  2. I applied for the SRD nd gave my husband’s banking details bcoz we hve the enitials nd surname.. He only got payment through tht acc nd tht was from my uncle who lives in Eastern cape,nd tht was a few months ago. Sassa wants to investigate but then they don’t do their research right. How illiterate from them. In the mean time when u try 2 appeal, it’s not working. Wht r their plan, to wait til the 30 days are over nd then fix the problem….. They r so predictable.

  3. I was working signing 3 month contract but I’m not working there anymore so I apply SRD R350 but is declining and I’m not getting any income my name is Elizabeth Nokhaya Magqaza

  4. my brother was Dickinson because they say he has source of income which he doesn’t have we try our best to apply Again but no lucky they his applications still exist

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