It is possible that conditions can change over time and an applicant will no longer be eligible or interested in the SRD R350 Grant.

Now SASSA has activated the module where applicants could cancel their submitted application for whatever reason.


Care must be taken when an applicant considers canceling the application as the ability to reinstate canceled application is nit yet activated.

What reasons might lead others to consider canceling

  • The willingness of the applicant who feels he or she is no more interested or does not need the grant.
  • The stress associated with the SASSA SRD R350 grant application and payments.
  • Being employed. If the applicant is currently employed after submission of the application.
  • Some might have some other sources of income either from family members or got some menial jobs doing.
  • Others can mistakenly cancel the application
  • Someone may intentionally cancel the application out of jealousy or just causing others trouble.
  • You wanted to outwit the SASSA system knowing very well that you do not qualify or eligible for the grant.

For whatever reason, if you intend to cancel your application for the ongoing reinstated SRD R350 Grant, you may follow these guidelines to do so. Like said earlier, this action cannot be reversed at least for the mean time. Therefore caution must be taken when canceling the application in the first place.

  • Follow this link
  • Or you can visit the website and scroll down to the section where there is label asking you “Cancel my Application” and click on the yellow labeled link “click here to cancel online” (Check image below)
  • Cancelation page when fully loaded, fill out the fields asking for ID number and the cell number used to submit the application.
  • Click on the ‘send pin’ button.
  • You will receive pin code, just enter the code in the pin field provided and submitted.
  • Accept the request and confirm that you indeed want to cancel the application and submit.
SASSA srd R350 cancel application online

You may receive a confirmation notification that your application has been successfully canceled.

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18 thoughts on “To Cancel or not to Cancel SRD R350 Grant Application – How to Cancel SRD R350 Grant”
  1. I’m checking my status for srd :,said my phone number is in valid.i thought someone used my details not apply and also using his or her cell number.

  2. I am not working and I always got my R350 grant srd .. suddenly i got a msg to say there is an income I get but i am still not working

  3. I cancelled my application by mistake now it dont want to reinstate my cancelled srd grant please help me

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