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Alternative income Source Identified SRD R350

Approved with no pay dates or without pay dates SASSA SRD R350 grant

We have received numerous complaints from applicants of the SASSA SRD R350 grant regarding this issue of approved without pay dates.

To some, they have been approved more than two weeks getting to three weeks with no pay dates and are wondering what at tall is SASSA checking that can take them that long time to verify them for payments.

Last year something similar happened where applicants had to wait for weeks after approval without pay dates.

When SASSA was contacted, all they could say is for the applicants to exercise patience.

It simply doesn’t make sense yo approve application and will take you weeks to give them pay dates.

Is it a form of incompetence or what or system challenge. Or it is just unfortunate and deliberate attempt just to frustrate the applicants.

We have tried to get in touch with sassa yo explain why some who are approved long time but still does not have pay dates showing knowing very well that without pay dates applicants cannot be paid although approved.

Some applicants who experienced such situations are sometimes declined without any proper reason.

But unconfirmed report indicates that SASSA has already detected some errors in the first batch of payments in the last week of August 2021 where they made some payments to some individuals who actually were not supposed to receive the grants in the first place.

This has resulted in tightening the approval process so that greater look will be taken at each applicant before approval.

This has led to situations where applicants who were approved have their status reversed to declined.

Another unfortunate thing is that SASSA toll free number 0800601011 is almost always congested and hardly do people get through to an agent to address pertinent issues.

So if you are among those who have been approved long time without pay dates especially if it has been more than two weeks, then you need reach out to SASSA for clarification because thus undue delay.

But for the mean time jeep checking your grant status every day as status can change even in a few hours.

Apart from SASSA hotline 0800601011, SASSA can also be reached on their official Facebook page or Twitter handle listed below:

It has to be noted that, all applicants who submitted their personal bank account or ewallet account will be verified. SASSA wants to make sure that they pay the grants into the account of the applicant, thus why applicants should not should someone else’s bank account or ewallet account.

With this in mind, make sure to submit the bank account details or ewallet account details that are accurate because if you make a single mistake the system will reject the account.

Eventually if the account is rejected, you may be redirected to use the post office for grant collection.

Every month, SASSA opens a window where applicants who have already submitted their applications, can change their payments method using the online system, they can also update bank account information if the previous one was wrongly entered.

For instance, the window period for the submission of bank account details was from 3rd September to 10 September 2021, which obviously ends today.

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  1. Petro Swart

    Me to its has been 3and a half weeks now but still no pay date

    1. Senzo Mthethwa

      I’ve been approved with no pay dates it’s 3 months now without a pay August, September, October they all approved without pay dates please help

      1. SIHLE ZITHULELE SHANGE 8504085282088

        Hi Sir I want to know what hepening about Payment Date coz it being 2 months now I’ve been waiting for payment Date I’ve being approved long time ago I Reale Don’t anderstand now could you please assist me

      2. Remember

        Same as you guys since last year December ehh 4 month go but that’s not fair help us please

  2. Ntombizodwa

    Me since last months no pay date


      My august is approved,
      My September is approved
      Without pay date and October is
      Still pending

    2. Siyabonga

      August, September and October are approved with no pay dates

    3. Lombard Juanita

      Me still pending for 3 months now and august is say approved but no pay date what’s going on with sassa

      1. George Tshabalala

        Still waiting for date…..
        Same thing Approved but no dates

    4. David

      It’s been 4 month without receiving my pay dates

    1. Stephina mohafe

      Me 2 still waiting but it’s approved no pay day

    2. Mpontsheng Luphuwana

      Me too,,my August,September have been approved without pay date..I don’t know why I took so long to show pay date….im always checking but still nothing

  3. Refilwe

    How do we check for every month payment

    1. Samuel

      Hy I need help l submit my banking details last months 01 September but I’m approved but no pay date nd my banking details are verified I don’t now was wrong pls help me my ld number is 9701266017080

  4. Rebekka veldman

    When is paydate for September

  5. Keelyn

    I applied last month, unemployed only receive child grant, my Srd grant status was approved and I haven’t been paid yet… I checked my status now again still says AUG 2021 approved no payment yet and September pending ..

    Please assist me when am I getting paid?

      1. Sibakazi


      2. Ayanda

        Lento ikhathaza abantu bakithi futhi ayihleliwe ngendlela nonsense nje ukumisa abantu olayini abade beshiswe ilanga because of 350 .why sibukelana phansi singabantu abanye abanama date bayehla bayenyuka ama account bawavula anenzi ngendlela .inye into ezoqeda Leto ANC out namatenda angasile njengo sassa

  6. Sydney

    Am unemployed and am not receiving any income but my application always decline why and what to do for sassa to approve me

  7. Sakhile

    This is a nonsense…..August approve september approve but no paydate….we ar getting tired of this shit….our bank details is correct….all we want to know is that we will get this R350 or not…so tht we can forget about it….

  8. Reatlegile

    My august it still say approved without pay date and now September also say the same approved without a pay date

  9. Christina

    I’ve been Approve for August Sptember and october is pending.Without paydates.When wil i get a paydat for Aug And Sep.

    1. Samuel

      Hy I need help l submit my banking details last months 01 September but I’m approved but no pay date nd my banking details are verified I don’t now was wrong pls help me my ld number is 9701266017080

      1. Rudzani

        Me too 😔😭

  10. Christina

    I’ve been Approve for August Sptember and october is pending.Without paydates.When wil i get a paydat for Aug And Sep.

  11. Zandile

    My daughter was approved for August and September with no pay dates what should she do? Me was approved for september but no pay date this frustating crs yaz kudlalwa ngathi

    1. voningani

      September doesn’t have payday

  12. Nazlie

    Hi August shows approved with no paydate but i have recieved my 350 for september and October still shows pending

  13. Itumeleng

    August approved and september approved no dates 😭

  14. Tshepiso

    September and October approved but no pay dates

  15. Thabang

    August approved
    September approved
    October approved
    buts no paydates whats going on because some people are busy getting money

  16. Zuraida

    Waiting for pay date!August, September, October Approved this is so frustrating…haaibo sassa!

    1. R.nyman

      I have two family friends who were approved for 3 months but no paydates.why? I think sassa want to coerce people to choose a certain payment method by delaying payment dates.

      1. Myrtle

        I changed my banking details in December 2021, for December, January, February it’s approved but no payment date for three months. March is already pending but no payment was made into my bank account. Whay must I do.

  17. Jerome

    Waiting for 3 months now and no pay dates ……. please help

  18. nhlakanipho

    It been three months now all approved no payday

  19. Thabang

    Same shit been waiting for three months approved but no paydate

  20. clive

    My august is approved,
    My September is approved, October approved still waitting for pay dates for all 3 .Who do i call

  21. Themba

    August September October still no paid date is three months

  22. Themba

    August September October still no paid date is three months

    How can I do please help me

    1. Godfrey matlhomola mere

      Hi am godfrey matlhomola mere its been 4month now with approved no pay dates l

  23. moipone mofokeng

    september and octorber no pay sassa send me sms to update id number bt submetion failed

  24. moipone mofokeng

    september and october approved bt no pay sassa send me sms to update my id number bt submetion failed

  25. Zenzile

    The same gyz August September October still approved but no pay date wht helping

  26. Mpontsheng

    My status says am active but not pay date

  27. Njabulo

    I’ve been approved for September and October but I don’t have any payment I going get the money or should I just forget about it, because now it’s like we are fools by checking everyday if the pay day has been sent or not.please fullfil your promises because the feeling of seeing others receiving their money is not nice because also need the money for our personal needs,the people who receive their money without any trouble are the people who don’t really need that money it’s just pocket money to them,but the people who really need the money are not receiving it, why ? Please try and be fair to us.

  28. Njabulo

    Approved for 2 months now,but there:are no pay days. Am I ever going to receive the money or just forget about it and stop keeping my hopes high that I’ll receive it?

  29. Lebogang More

    why I don’t have paydate it’s been 3mounths now going to 4 please help

  30. Ntethelelo

    My 350 grant those not exesant

    1. Godfrey matlhomola mere

      No paydates its 4months now

      1. Elvina

        It’s 3months already for my SRD GRANT no dates

  31. Hlengiwe

    Ive bin approved for 3 months now but no pay day i only got it once on august but the following months nothing just aproved

  32. Noxolo Zuma

    My mother has not received her srd grant for 4 months now.She has been approved all these months but no pay day. It is really not fair the way it is happening.She is not receiving any income at all.please help immediately if possible.

    1. Dean

      Ive been approved for January, February and March, and still haven’t recieved a paydate

  33. Sandile

    4. Approved months without Paying Dates
    Seems no Payment will be made

  34. Tania

    Approved 4months without Paying Dates very frustrating plz reply

  35. Mgcina

    Me too approved for 4months bt no pay date

  36. Rudzani

    Me too 😔😭

  37. Sphesihle

    Approved but no pay dates for 5months 💔😩

  38. Kathleen

    I been approved last year September but not reserved payment or SMS. What can I do about it. Is there a place that we’re must contact or what

  39. Kathleen

    Been waiting since last year September was approved money paid in but didn’t reserved any money. Check on line money approved reserved but didn’t even got SMS to say it was in my account how does that work

  40. David

    It’s been 4 month without receiving my pay dates

  41. Jabulani

    Approved but no payment still now please 🙏😭

  42. Gosnaty

    3 to 4 month no playdate I don’t no why it take so long please help

  43. Daisy

    I have been approved since October 2021 until February 2022 but have never received any pay day

  44. Kathleen

    Got 3 months money but like too now how to retrieve other 3 month pay out money please needs help

  45. Jacoba

    Ever since the beginning of the SRD 2 years now… approved BUT NO PAY DATE

  46. Roashlin

    Been approved from December and no pay dates. Please help really need this money.

    1. Lindokuhle

      My status for February and March is approved but there is no payment date and my june status is still pending.

  47. Gerald

    The status of payment for some people is pending since May 2022. They approved the application, but without a pay date.

  48. Liezel

    We’re is the pay date it’s almost month end.Come on Sassa

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