Why is my May, June 2022 SRD R350 Grant Canceled? 2023

Here are the possible reasons your SASSA SRD R350 grant is canceled in 2023.

  • It could be a system error from SASSA although it is more unlikely.
  • May be out of ignorance, one requested for the cancelation of the grant.
  • The applicant might have asked someone to work on the applicant’s account and the person might have canceled the grant.
  • It could also be that such applicants may have the wrong thought canceling the application when declined and reapplying may change their status from declined to approved.
  • Out of hatred, others can intentionally cancel others application.

We have seen several applicants’ reports that their SRD R350 grant for some months have been canceled for which they are not aware of what happened.

As strange as it sounds, some seems to be not aware of what is going on, but at least one of the reasons up there could be the cause.

But we still believe that apart from a system error from SASSA although not more likely, the rest could still have been avoided.

Why are we saying this, because before one is granted the cancelation request , there are a series of warnings that pops up to warn the applicant.

How to reinstate canceled SRD R350 Grant

So one would wonder why anyone would ignore all these warnings and proceeds to cancel the grant and later claims he did it by mistake.

What do I do if my srd r350 grant is canceled?


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