Have you been declined for alternative income source Identified as the reason for the decline in 2023?

Last year, it happened and SASSA had to reverse most of these issues and approved them over public outcry. But starting this January 2023 this going to be different.


As SASSA has already indicated, applicants who have been declined for for whatever reason have the right to appeal.

Last year, applicants had to send an appeal application to a certain email address but this time around, they have simplified the process by integrating the appeal application as a reconsideration module on their website.


Main Reason Why SASSA Decline SRD R350 Applicants for Alternative Income Source Identified May 2024

According to SASSA, an applicant is considered have alternative income source if the applicant has been receiving at least R595 per month in his or her bank account. Automatically, SASSA’s system assumes that you are receiving income regardless the owner of the cash inflows.

It sounds very weird and pathetic though but thus what SASSA claims to be using to know people’s income source.

Aggrieved applicants are just a button away to apply for a reconsideration and must be done within 30 days from the date of the decline.

Procedure for Applying for a Reconsideration or Appeal Alternative Income Source Identified.

Let’s follow these tips and steps to appeal our decline or in other words submit our reconsideration application.

  • Click on this link (this link is works for only between April 2020 to March 2022). Currently, if you want appeal or apply for reconsideration, use this new DSD website to appeal. This is effective from April 2022 to March 2023 or beyond.
  • A new web page will load asking for your ID number and the phone number used to submit the application.
  • Enter these details correctly.
  • Beneath it you will find a button labeled as “send pin”, click on it.
  • The system will automatically send you a pin code to the number to confirm enter the pin code received and submit.
  • The page containing the reconsideration will load.
  • Select the month of August (thus the month you intend to appeal”)
  • The decline status and the reason will show up.
  • Besides the reason for the decline, a drop down list reconsideration reason are there. Choose “No alternative source of income”.
  • This is to indicate that you di not have any other source of income.
  • After that submit your application and wait for the outcome.

One that is clear here is that if your bank account has been receiving funds regularly, then you must stop it, as SASSA keeps monitoring your bank account cash flows.

The same thing applies to the Cash Send too. Receiving funds through your ewallet account or Cash Send will also mean alternative income source Identified.

Keep checking your status for reconsideration or appeal as SASSA is reviewing the appeals for reconsideration.

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Update to this story : Since the threshold amount has now been increased from R350 to R624, this will pave way for far more applications to be approved especially those were declined for Alternative Income Source.

This will take effect starting from August 2022 and upwards. Thus after a result of series of protests against SASSA for its inability to make payments which some of them requested for the removal of the DSD Minister Lindiwe Zulu.


By Edna

104 thoughts on “How to Appeal Alternative Income Source Identified Decline Status Decision for SRD R350 Grant May 2024”
    1. To whom it may concern.My name is Lizelle Muller.I am a struggling South African citizen and, unemployed woman.I am not receiving any grants from the South African Government.I plead with you to be reconsidered for the covid 19 social relief and distress grant.My application was declined reason due to alternative source identified.I have not had money in my bank account since February which I got from a family friend who felt sorry for me because he knows I’m not working and I am struggling and he gave me some money about two times.I’m not working and haven’t had a job for more than 5 to 10 years.Sassa can check and see that I don’t have money in my account.Please take my plea into consideration and grant me the fund that I desperately need.thank you

      1. I’m also not working but sassa decline my application says source identify.l have 4 kids and they are not receiving sovial grant. I am so stressed and dont know what to do.

  1. I comment on behalf of my application that has declined due to R290 I,be receiving monthly from nsfas as unusable student, firstly I,m not working and I think I deserve R350 grant due to many life challenge I face every day

    1. My April declined, it said I have alternative source income it was not my money, my sister sent me that money to buy her something I don’t receive any source of income

    1. I just receive child support grant only,i don’t know about alternative income source identified i am not working…

  2. Mine decline because my cousin send money in my account to buy food I’m currently not working an not receiving any income besides child support grant which is R460 I really need that R350

    1. Hi mine it says alternative source income identify I was receiving money from spouse but now I’m no longer getting any except the R460 child grant

  3. Mine decline because my cousin send money in my account to buy food I’m currently not working an not receiving any income besides child support grant which is R460 I really need that R350

      1. I don’t have any income but SASSA says I registered Irp5 when? where? I’m not working at all, I’m suffering and we can’t vote for any election if we do get our R350

        1. I have seen people receiving the R350 while they have income,what hurts me is that i have been declined since last year .I’m unemployed surviving by R480 i really need this R350

        2. I was declined all of 2020/2021 I appealed sent emails reconsideration all got approved only got paid 1 mnth what happened to all other months no payments received

  4. My application declined because of they said I have source of income although i’m unemployed and they did the something thing last time this is no fair

    1. Show me prove of my source of income…course my account is close for two years now……this is unfair but I won’t leave this matter like this……

      1. Hi I’m nt receving any money I only received grant for my grandchild I don’t nw tht altarnative in come

        1. Hy my say declined April and June and am not working last year I got all my money but now I don’t understand

  5. I really don’t know why they don”t just tell us exactly where you get that alternative income so you can go fix it up.i dont have even an active bank account then how do I get that so called income source identified.

    1. I need this R350 because I’ve been using for renting since I’m studying my grade 12 if know it decline i wont be able to finish this year

  6. I was declined last year and this year because of SARS Number and it has confirmed me as an employee for it while I’m unemployed i still don’t have income apparently it shows that i have some alternative income source I’m desperate and I’m living alone I’m always begging from others because i can’t also get that R350 because of that SARS
    Yes I made that SARS last year in intention of getting a job at Burgersfort because the owner saw my CV and realized that there was no SARS then she told me to make SARS then i went Lebowakgomo to do that SARS unfortunately things didn’t go my way i had to leave Burgersfort to Pretoria and still now I’m at Pretoria not working
    I’m looking forward to hear from you soon as i want to be approved as others and get my R350
    I’m done
    Thank you

    1. My name is rebecca I was declined because of alternative income they use my card to transfer money when they send me to go for purchase because it’s not safe to travel with cash on your pockets

  7. Why decline us people for getting some kind of help by family when we dont have food so if people help us one month is that alternate source of incomeb if u guys gave us the 350 grant we won’t be asking for help what but what suprises me is that people who gt husband’s working and just transfering money too there accounts is still getting paid 350 grant every month is that fair as we people who really need it and not working are declined… Many people who are living good lives compared too us like goverment workers have gt 350 grant and yet we tge poor wer declined ridiclous i feel sassa please do proper check coz u people are giving those who have and the ones that dont u declining such idiots

  8. We people have too beg for help while sassa helping those rich people get 350 grant nd i have seen the richess collect while we being declined becoz we get help by family for food coz we suffering… Whatw the point if ul cant help poor with the 350 grant

  9. Dear Comments:
    Most of you may or may not know that SARS also plays a big role in this for instance something called IRP5.
    Some people had to find out they still have tax money never collected and this can cause a major PROBLEM when applying
    for any government grand income. So you need to create a efilling account via Online to get your tax reference number so that SARS can assist you properly then make an appointment with SARS.
    This has happened to many people i know (including myself) and they received there tax returns. After all is collected or an appeal appointed you can then apply for the R350. As fare as i know this is one of the main reasons. Hope it helps you guys because i made my appointment on 23 September 2021. Hopefully i’ll be back to give you any feedbacks .

  10. I was working and signing a 3 month contract but I’m not working there anymore but I didn’t resign then when I’m applying SRD R350 is declining but I don’t get an income

  11. Mine decline they said I got money comes in to my bank account unfortunately I didn’t get any cents only child support grant 460 Im always getting it at post office

  12. My declined coz I’ve received R420 nd R300 from my relatives helping me to buy food.. I’m not working, I really need the R350, plz do thorough check coz I’m not receiving any money… Sassa must stop approving there rich friends nd rejecting us the poor, who really need this R350.

  13. I am receiving my 3 kids grants and R600 from my brother to use for his son and it’s 3 months now but it says alternative income,hai i give up

  14. Me im declined September while im approved august September the reason of decline source of income and i dont have any money except social grant for my kids on that standardbank account i gave them

  15. Since I applied R350 last year till now I didn’t get my money,SASSA says I decline reason is alternative source of income I’m not working at all,so I can’t vote if you don’t give me my money

  16. Sassa it’s been two months now being declined by the reason of alternative source of income whilst I don’t even work and my bank balance has been empty for months. Please fix that I need this.

    1. I ,the above mentioned person tried to apply for a social relive fund and did not approve pending a message says i have an alternative source of income though i am getting a social grant for two kids.

  17. I’ve only requires srd for the first 3 months all of a sudden it declined and said uif and irp5 registered. Now is the second term srd grand it also declined saying alternate income source and I did that reconsideration .i now the third month still pending pending

  18. Mine is declining and I know why because I’m no longer working and there’s no source of income that I receive

  19. I am not getting any income for the past 2 years , but according to sassa I have income, how I don’t know….

    Maybe that’s how the chow our money, or they want bribe that R350 to me is very very important but I don’t get lucky with it. Since it started, whoever can help please, I will give u R100 for each R350

  20. I am not working since past 9years I applied sassa 350 grant but they approve August, Sep and octber. When I check status on November it said declined alternative income source identified I only ricieve only my 3 kids grant in my bank account

  21. Since I applied for srd grant last year August I didn’t get that money they said I have alternative income, which I don’t know about it,then I got declined from August until November,I only got approved on December and January I get paid

    1. My story is exactly the some,with your but I don’t get help so can someone help us please because this is very painful

  22. helo my name is brian ive since applied for my sassa r350 grant and it says im uif registered and ive applied for reconcideration but still doesnt approve,my id number is 8901055473087 and the number i used to apply was 0843084012 but have since lost my sim card

  23. I don’t receive any income except for children social grants but it’s decline for alternative source of income why

  24. Hi I’m nt receving any money I only received grant for my grandchild I don’t nw tht altarnative in come

    1. I wrongful declined because I only get income for children I’m not working and I’m not getting any money other side so I need this money even it’s not much but it’s better than nothing.

  25. Hi,my application declined because of uif registered but I have not uif registered because i wasn’t work before and ‘I’m still unemploy

  26. Hi am still a high school student and my April says decline it says I received alternative income I don’t work I get the money from my parents to buy food

  27. My say declined April and June and am not working last year I got all the money at post office but now I don’t understand why sassa declined my application

  28. Why cut my 350 m not working must pay burial n food n medicine income in my account is for my aunt from her son she is paralyzed in wheel chair Is for food n medication n transport to her hospital check up not for me please I need that 350very much thank you

  29. I’m still not working I don’t have any income but u cut off the 350 what’s wrong with this sassa people u want me to suffer more n more….

  30. Hi my name is Dinah Makwena Moeng my application is declined and i m not working i m an SGB at the school i play the role of treasure at school most of the time they something t school they use my bank acc at segooa_kgala L.P school and i not get paid at school i m a volotiya at school

  31. Hi I need to appeal my Srd R350 grant because of course of alternative income and I don’t any of incomes

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