SASSA SRD R350 Grant Applicants Shocked Over Mass Decline UIF registered and income sources identified

Have you checked your SRD R350 grants application status today? And what was the outcome of the status?

Are you declined, pending or approved?

Most applicants had a shock of their lives when they checked their status online and were told declined with many reasons including “uif registered” and “Alternative Income Source Identified”.

What baffles most of them is how sassa came up with these flimsy reasons to deny them the reinstated SRD R350 Grant.

Most of them claim they are unemployed and not receiving any grant for themselves and see no tangible reason why SASSA would do that.

They have taken to social media to express their disappointment in the verification procedure for the approval and payment of the.

Below are some of the concerns expressed by these aggrieved applicants :

Honestly I feel like these “declines” are on purpose, as the “application status” was inaccessible for a very long time till now after August passed. They have now opened the status (in September) and even if we appeal we have forfeited August R350 payment as per their rules

jacqueline @twitter

I just checked my status and I got this.
I am shook coz I have no means of an income, was funded by nsfas in 2016. I mean, it’s 2021, five years apart Person can’t they pick that up? It just goes to show they don’t make thorough investigations

twitter user

Wow You guyz are working overtime …. Last year the excuse was …. Nsfas Registered while i didn’t register to nsfas or even receiving nsfas than this morning i wake and check my status only to find out that I earn UIF ….. Im still 20 I dont even have a CV

Twitter user

From pending to being declined and I have never worked in my life…. Am I de only one?…. Wat is going on ka sassa khante

Facebook user

Why is sassa decline people left and right, who don’t have no income, and who realy need the money?

Facebook user

Declined 😭 what SASSA has done to us can never be didn’t ~ Facebook user

SASSA may have to reconsider their decision why they turned down so many applicants.

After many applicants applied for reconsideration so that SASSA will take a second look at their application, most of them have had their applications decision reversed.

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  1. Hi I’m londiwe Ngcobo I got a question her why R350 declined to me coz I only got my uif once on july if I’m not mistaken so my question is why I’m not qualifying for R350 ?

  2. I received my last uif in February 2021… I don’t have an income for the last 6 months, besides the kids grant which is used to cover the needs…. why was it said uif registered on my status? So confused

    1. I was last employed in 2013 i did collect uif for 7mths & it ended in oct 2013
      Im unemployed for the last 8years but i was declined stating im uif registered how is this possible!

  3. This is not far because that money I got in my capitec bank is for my boy boy it comes from the baby daddy I am not working I have been looking a job for a long time now

  4. I’ve lost my job in 2020 due to Covid, the last te I claimed UIF was more than 5 years ago. Why was I declined for the grant ? How do I rectify it

  5. I applied for UIF almost 7 months ago but still I haven’t received anything from UIF, and Applied for the 350 with status still pending and hopefully will pick up the UIF registered thing which is frustrating.

  6. I would also like to know why im being declinedmy only income i have is my kids grant then my mom give me r400 end of each month to put in my account so the wifi can be debited and i have no other alternative source of income please can you tell me why i was declined

  7. I’m being declined status: UIF registered, upon checking my last company I served had 0,00 income on Uif, so how much am I paid as it states R0.00. CONFUSED!!

  8. My son have a cracked spinal cord and opened a bank account so that the srd R350 goes in it, yet he never recieved any uif or other monies. He was declined, so what is the reason?

  9. I am not getting any salary my 350 declined reason uif I have been already claimed my uif but if I am aplying 350 social grant declined plz help

  10. I have applied twice already 😭😭!! & have been declined both times. I haven’t worked in 3 years!! I am unemployed graduate….
    I feel like they don’t even make an effort to do proper research, they just decline without even trying.
    Can they TELL me what “alternative income source…” DID THEY FIND because I’m clueless.

  11. After a long time I finally had a job that lasted less than a month and had to shut down due to covid. I never ever applied or received any UIF benefits ever, but was declined for SRD grant. How do I go about rectifying that?

  12. This is really frustrating, how come all of a sudden it shows I’m recieving an income , I have not been working a day in my life , the money I had in my account is of my own savings , money I asked someone to put in my account for so I know my money could not be used … Funny thing is last year July was my first and last I received a R350 A few days before my birthday , I have no idea to why I’m being declined all of a sudden

  13. IM FEDUP the same process over and over stil no answer even called sassa twice already stil showing decline

  14. I don’t understand why my 350 declined because I used that bank to receive my children grand there so why sassa did never see that the many I received there is the grand of my children I hate them

  15. UIF registered that’s their stupid reason for everybody applying, it’s nice to be them as they are earning salaries each month end,how about the people who lost their jobs in 2020 and being declined even though they don’t have alternative income,

  16. Am Nonjabulo Sicubu Im nt recived my srd grant since August until now I don’t know what happen coz am not working at all

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