For many recipients of sassa grants whether being Old Age Pension, Disability or child support grant or foster care or whatever grant one is receiving from SASSA, some would want to know how to check SASSA balance using their phones online.

Why Checking Balance online is important.

With the advancement of technology, one would expect that things of such nature can easily be done online using mobile on the internet or simply dialing a USSD code or eith just a click of a button.

When the global pandemic broke out since late 2019, some service providers tried to fins ways to reduce overcrowding and face to face interactions among people.

SASSA as a service provider with such huge clients base could not be left over but adopt the new normal.


With the SASSA gold or debit card connected the recipients or beneficiaries cell phone number, he or she could dial a USSD code to retrieve the balance on the account.
To check balance do the following :

1. Get cell phone that supports USSD code, with this any analog phone or smartphone phone can do that.
2. Dial the ussd code *120*3737# or *120*3210#
3. Make sure that the number you are using to dial the code is the same number used to apply for grants and that it is in SASSA database.
4. A screen prompts message will appear stating the actual or current balance on the SASSA card for the recipient.
5. We have also received concerns from some beneficiaries especially those using the gold card that these codes seems not be working anymore.
6. In case, it does not work, please then you will have to visit your nearest bank ATM to check balance in person.


Since SASSA gold or debit card is just like any other debit card issued by the banks across the globe, you can use a compatible ATM machine to track your credit card balance.
1. Insert your debit SASSA card into the ATM machine.
2. Make sure the correct face is inserted, most especially the face where the electronic chip is located is down, but if you are not sure ask any of the bank’s staff to assist.
3. Some of the modern ATM machines are equipped with touch screen just as smartphone has become, but others are still the old system where there physical keys to be pressed. Depending on which type of machine, just enter your four digits PIN code that you usually use to withdraw money from the card.
4. Some may require that after entering the four digits code you press Enter key others too will check the correctness and give you access right away.
5. Select “Check Balance” and balance or amount of money available on the card wil be shown on the ATM screen.
6. It has however be noted that, sometimes checking balance using the ATM attracts a small amount of fees.

What if I don’t have airtime, can i still check SASSA balance?

Yes. Most of the USSD code used for checking balance are free on all mobile networks. And just discussed above, the USSD code can be used on virtually any type of mobile phone as far it can dial and communicate with the mobile network service provider.

By Edna

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  1. Approved and had paydates for December 2021,January 2022 and February 2022 but I never received my money from the post office.Always sent back because they are taking a certain number for the day.So December,January and February are outstanding from Post office.I only got March and April 2022 when I changed to a Bank.

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