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Collecting SASSA SRD R350 Grant With Birth Certificate?

For some times now, applicants who have been approved for SASSA SRD R350 grant application are wondering if they can use their birth certificate to collect their grants at the post office.

The main cause of this has to do to fact that some applicants do not have their ID card or Smart card although their ID numbers are there and was used to apply.

When SASSA introduced the reinstated SRD R350 grant, those who have opted to be paid through Post Office were to submit their ID documents or smart ID card for verification purposes.

Now, the question is what if someone has lost his or her ID documents, can the person use his or her birth certificate as a means of proof or verification for collection at the post office?

SASSA recommends that if you have lost your ID documents, you can visit any nearest Home Affairs Department office and apply for Temporary ID which can be used for collection.

But applicants who are in this condition can visit the post office and request to be paid with their birth certificate which might depend on the post office teller or attendant but this is not the official position of SASSA

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  1. Carmonita

    Can i still go collect my Sdr R350 by the post office for December?

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