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Alternative income Source Identified SRD R350

How to Appeal NSFAS Registered Decline Status SRD R350 grant application payments

For some applicants who submitted their SRD R350 grant applications but were later declined. The reason for this decline SASSA has identified that these applicants have registered with National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).

What is baffling to some of these affected applicants is the fact that they’re are not currently funded by NSFAS and therefore see no reason why SASSA would decline their applications.

Before applying for appeal, first contact nsfas to remove your info from their database accordingly.

Now in case you are one of these applicants declined for NSFAS registered, then you have to do the following to to appeal.

  • Visit the website
  • Enter your ID number and the phone number used when submitting.
  • Click on the ‘send pin’. You will receive SMS notification containing a pin code.
  • Enter the pin code in the space provided and submit
  • When the reconsideration page is fully loaded, look for the month of August 2021, (do not choose August 2020).
  • Besides, the ‘reason for the decline’ you will see ‘reason for reconsideration’ click on the drop down and select ‘not nsfas registered’ and click on submit.
  • After submission, your application will now be pending as SASSA will have to now review the application which might take at least two weeks.
  • It has to be noted that, you have to submit the appeal application within thirty (30) days from the date of the decline.

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  2. Keneth thokozani

    Since last year 2020 I didn’t receive my grand because that system kick off my I’d now it’s fine but I can’t get that money 😥 back 😙

  3. Jo-ann

    First sassa declined me saying source of income identified then I applied for reconsideration then applied again then I got a response saying existing sassa grant whatever that may mean

    1. DFlex

      It just unfortunate, existing sassa grants means you are currently receiving grants from SASSA

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