As you all know, the month of October is ending and November is here this Monday.

For those applicants who receive their SRD R350 grant payments through the post office, here are the payments arrangements made at the post office for November.

It has however be noted that, the numbers presented here are the last three digits of your ID number and you only go to the post office for collection only if you are approved with pay dates.

You are also advised to go to a post office which have funds or money. We have received numerous complaints from applicants saying that when they go to post office for collection they are told there is no money.

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Post Office Payments are only made on weekdays excluding public holidays and days for regular SASSA grants payments such as Old Age Pension Grant, Disability grant, Child Support Grant Payment etc.

First Week

  • 1st November – No payments
  • 2nd November – No payments
  • 3rd November – No payments
  • 4th November – No payments
  • 5th November – No payments

Second Week

  • 8th November – 084 & 089
  • 9th November – 080 & 085
  • 10th November – 081 & 086
  • 11th November – 082 & 087
  • 12th November – 083 & 088

Third Week

  • 15th November – 084 & 089
  • 16th November – 080 & 085
  • 17th November – 081 & 086
  • 18th November – 082 & 087
  • 19th November – 083 & 088

Fourth Week

  • 22nd November – 084 & 089
  • 23rd November – 080 & 085
  • 24th November – 081 & 086
  • 25th November – 082 & 087
  • 26th November – 083 & 088
SASSA SRD R350 Post Office Payments Dates for November 2021

By Edna

16 thoughts on “SRD R350 Post Office Payments Dates for November 2021”
  1. It hurts that the government my mother votes for never keeps their promises. What happened to the money being available in their bank accounts?? Now she has to stand in line all day at the post office to be told her money is not available! This is disgusting! Why do I expect miracles from a government that can’t even build bridges for kids to cross on their way to school…

  2. There’s a huge problem with Munsieville post office in Krugersdorp. My family member went there yesterday 10/11/21, she was told the post office ran out of SRD money. Today she went there at 7am, at 14:30 she was told they ran out of cash again.

  3. I’ve changed my payment from post office to bank it approved but no no sms from bank and it has been three payments not yet received. Please advice

    1. Check if your bank account information is verified or not. Just attempt to change your bank account details again, you will see if your bank account details are verified or pending…

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