It has emerged that most of the applicants of the SASSA SRD R350 grant who have been approved without pay dates or with pay dates but not paid have to do with their bank or payment method.

According to sources close to SASSA, some their system reset their payments method and they therefore have to re-submit their payment option.


Upon several calls from applicants that they have been approved long time without pay dates and even still others are approved with pay dates bit still no payment.

Such applicants are therefore required to provide their own personal bank account details or choose post office as a payment method.


Below are the procedures one can follow to do that easily:

If any of your friends are in similar situations, you can inform them to take the necessary actions right away so that they too can have their payments.

Start checking your bank account information to see the status, it will help a lot to find your payment method update.


By Edna

15 thoughts on “If you are approved without pay dates, please do this urgently May 2024”
    1. Same here it approved of 4months but no pay date no cash no sms we show wait of how long mara cause we really need this money

  1. As for me it’s for the first time I applied my application is approved and I have paydays from August till now but when I went to get cash it declines what must I do?

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