You are currently viewing SRD R350 SASSA Grant Applications Status Check Payment Dates, Bank Account Details – Latest Updates

SRD R350 SASSA Grant Applications Status Check Payment Dates, Bank Account Details – Latest Updates

In case you are still not sure what is ongoing with regards to the applications, status check, payment dates and bank account submission, then this article is for you.

This is what we have gathered so far after the back and forth, the confusion and deactivated and partial operation of SRD R350 Grant Application website.


Application SRD R350 Grant

So far according to reports released by SASSA, the updated number of applications so far received as at 18th August 2021 was more 8 million.

Application Channels that are available and functional are:

1. the main website

2. The GovChat website

3. WhatsApp : 082 046 8553

4. SASSA Chat Bot which appears on SASSA main website

5. Moya app which is not official but can still be used to apply for grant.

So far the USSD code which was promised by SASSA has still not materialized.

If you are still struggling to submit a new application, please see and closed friends or relatives to offer you the needed support so that you too can submit the application. If you want to be considered for the month of August 2021 then you have to submit your application in this month.

Checking of Status SRD R350 Difficulties

SASSA realizing the pressure on their online application platform, deactivated some of the modules including the application status checking, bank account switch or submission after application is done among others.

Due to this applicants are not able to check their status online and are always met with failed messages.

Although SASSA has assured that the check status module will be activated by the close of the week.

For the mean time if you want to check your SASSA SRD R350 grant status for payments then you can contact SASSA directly on the toll-free number 0800601011, they will ask for your ID number tell you your application status either pending, approved or whatever.

Submission of Bank Account Info

Those who are applying for the first time have the opportunity to submit bank account details upfront especially if the person uses the main SRD R350 application website, however GovChat will ask the applicant to wait after 24 hours to complete the application with the bank account option.

But in most cases, it fails to load so that the applicant can do so.

So if you found yourself in that situation where you are not able to update or switch to your preferred payment method, then your default payment option will be automatically the Post Office.

Because as discussed earlier, that module that allows the applicant to update or switch payments option after submitting the application, is currently deactivated which according to SASSA, will be reactivated after September 1st.

Payments Dates for August 2021

For those who chose and submitted their correct bank account details upfront, SASSA will verify and confirm the bank details before payment is issued. However those using other forms of payment methods especially post office will have wait to receive SMS from the Post Office asking them to go and collect their grants.

Ewallet or Cash Send too will receive SMS if their payments are ready.

Currently, payments are ongoing and even yesterday some applicants who are using bank accounts like TymeBank customers received their payments.

Meanwhile Post Office has released payments scheduled for those applicants who will be receiving their cash at the post office.

They will use the last three digits of applicant’s ID number to determine the collection date in the week which can be found below :

You simply have to be on a watch out for an SMS either from bank or from the Post Office for payments or collections.

We will keep you updated as we keep an eye on SASSA. You are free to leave a comment, feedback, enquiries using the comment section below this post.

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  1. Makau Frank

    The post office is overloaded with this payments method only if the other methods could be activated to avoid this long queues at our post office…Thier schedule might not include you on the day and that means you must come back again for the same amount…it it jst not working…under the circumstances…covid and the likes…thank you

  2. Esau Joseph

    How do I get my status of SRD350

    1. DFlex

      Reach out to SASSA on 0800601011 toll free number

      1. ZAMAGAMBU

        I didn’t get may R350 all 3months are approvedb

      2. Rachidi Sharlotte

        I have been approved for my srd 350 grant from August with payment date but no money in I haven’t received any.

    2. Janine Scholtz

      My daughter applied for the r350 grant and it was approved with banking details. Should she now wait for an SMS ?

      1. Simangele Ngaleka

        I applied for the grant around August it says approved as well as September but no payment date.

  3. Nikita reddy

    I have applied for the 350 covid Grant and don’t have any news yet please tell me what is happening

    1. DFlex

      Please contact SASSA on 0800601011 toll free number to check status

  4. Nabuweeyah

    My status show cancel Dec 2020 what does that mean

    1. Lesego

      I never received any payment from August and it says approved but no DAT now September is still pending

    2. Jacomina

      My sassa srd is approved no pay date? For September please help

      1. DFlex

        You have to wait for pay dates….

  5. Bianca

    Cant phone SASSA either to find out about status as their line says its congested and cuts out. This is beyond pathetic

    1. DFlex

      Bianca, we are hoping to have status check module restored online soon so that applicants can check their own status

    2. Rafieqah

      I tried calling the toll free number twice this morning an the call just gets cut saying to much mail in the inbox so what now

      1. Nonkululeko Nhleko

        Hai i just checked my stutus it’s written failled i don’t know why cos am not working not receiving Nfasas or eaning uif provided fund please help me

        1. Sphiwe

          They said my 350 is active but in my account is still 00

    3. Lesego

      I never received any payment from August and it says approved but no DAT now September is still pending

  6. brian

    How does the application approval thing works,looks to me they are mostly working on applications in the Gauteng areas ect cause the post offices here in Paarl I dont see people queuing,according to my knowledge the people who is collecting their moneys is the outstanding payments from previous circle

    1. DFlex



      1. Bokang

        Hello I’m still amazed by the system the status says approved but I haven’t received any payment for August and September and October is pending pl ease assist or what do I need to do seings it does not show payment date

        1. Mxolisi

          Hi sassa query here that I never get my srd 350 last year August, September,and November and I was not working that time until now

  7. Natasia

    How do I get my R350 e wallet pin to drow if the numbers you gave don’t work

  8. Shibriee

    Hi what must I do because everytime I wanna check of I’m approved it says failed

  9. Samkelo

    The sassa card method for 350 how does it work.
    If I don’t have any card what am I supposed to do

  10. Thandile Nicorrus

    what does it mean when it says ‘ your application is active now bt you don’t receive R350?

  11. Matlou jerita

    Hellow…i want to change the banking details to post office please

    1. Nandipha gumede

      Approved but no payment date

  12. Hi what must i do about my 350 cause status outcome says decline reason UIF registered . Since I was born , i didnt work

    and also my mom is cleaner does not earn more than 3500 her salary. My id number 9805040966080 name Abongile Eunice Ngceke contact no 0781449450 using my moms phone cause i dont have phone, Im really need your help to get back that 350

    1. Sharmorne

      Hi ive applied i haven’t received a sms to when i can collect my R350 i have chosen the ewallet obtion Absa.It says for August September approved with paydates. What should i do October is still pending.

  13. Neeresh

    I have submitted my bank accounts details and i never received a sms so by when will I get a sms to that i can go get my money

  14. Johanna

    Questions and Comments regarding an approved status, with no pay date schedule are just ignored. Please grant us at least an answer. You try calling the toll free number only to receive a congested answer in response.

  15. Lesego

    I never received any payment from August and it says approved but no DAT now September is still pending

  16. Chantel Ferreira

    My August 2021 payment is approved and the one for September 2021 is pending, but I still did not receive any sms to collect my money via ewallet? I am phoning that toll free number every week and they can not assist me. Please help

    1. Johanna

      My August status outcome days approved but I didn’t get any sms to come collect my money at post office,at post office they say am not in the system,My September status says pending

  17. Patricia

    Seeing that my account is active I got paid in August but September is pending do I have to apply again cause I chose my banking detais

  18. Esmeralda

    Morning I haven’t received payment for August or September please help.thanks

  19. Angela Bennett

    I also received no payment applied August it was approved no payment now September is pending… why?

  20. Kubashni pillay

    Hi I applied and for it to go in the bank my August status says approved and my September one says that too so what do I do nw do I still wait 4 bank sms

  21. Roelien

    August and September shows approved. When wil money be in. Bank account please

      1. Margrer

        When I check my status it gives me a date for September so what must I do because I haven’t received an sms?

        1. DFlex

          You will be paid on that date for bank account users

  22. Joyce

    Check payday

  23. Neeshalen

    Hi I have updated my bank details successfully. But my application status shows post office and I’m approved for Aug and sep but no payday why??

  24. Precious

    My status for August is approved with no pay day date I haven’t received any payment n even for Sept it is approved with no payment date what to do?

  25. Gomolemo

    I applied last month and it was approved August and September but i havent received any money or sms…what does that mean

  26. Esther Gaborone

    I haven’t received any payment for August and September and it has been approved. When will I get the money.

  27. robin

    i have been approved for august and september but have not received payment

    1. DFlex

      Are you approved with pay dates or without pay dates?

  28. robin

    my payment have been approved for august and september but have not received any msg as to when i should go and collect payments

  29. LUVUYO

    Outcome: approved no patdadate no payment date no sms

  30. Asithandile

    I’ve been approved and the first payment date was on the 01 of August but i never received the money into my account, then for September it was on the 13 and still there were no money coming into my account im confused

  31. Thando nompeleliso mthembu

    I have been approved all this three months but still no payday,my bank details are correct and yet no pay day,i have been patient long far i remember even last year i was declined without any valid reason.
    My questions is how can i be approved all this months without a pay day.

  32. Monique

    Hi so I’ve been approved for August, September and October & not 1 month has a paydate… About the switching of payments methods, I’m trying to change from cash send to my bank account but whenever I do so, it says I’ve already requested within 24hours which i did not last time i did was on 09 October and I had no problem then but now It seems like I can’t submit the change to my banking details. WHAT TO DO???

  33. Elisna Henning

    My September and October is approve no playdate still no Money in my bank account how must can we get the money.

  34. Violet

    Hi my son applyed for 350 it has approved he did get a payment date,he used her bank account for payment still there’s nothing in her bank account

    1. DFlex

      When was his payment dates?

  35. Nomusa Nyathi

    You ignoring all the “approved but no payments date” what must these people do ,can they go to the post office on the dates according to their ID books ??? It seems some have been waiting since August. Please help

  36. Teboho

    I have been approved for August through October,no pay date for Aug,pay date for September and October have come and gone and still nothing,what can one do to get clarity and correct information?

    1. DFlex

      If you are using Cash Send or Ewallet account please switch to your preferred bank account or post office

  37. Teboho

    I have been approved for August through October,no pay date for Aug,pay dates for September and October have come and gone and still nothing,what can one do to get clarity and correct information?

  38. Locardia kheswa

    Since August I apply it says altnative income, and I don’t have any income except the child support grant which is not mine I just clarity as it have declined me August, September and October

  39. Punkie

    My srd grant has been approved for 3months but haven’t received any of the payment in the bank. As far as I’m concerned I’m unemployed and been approved to receive the grant. What should I do now? As for the SASSA tollfree line its very poor even the email the responses are poor I haven’t received any conclusive feedback but a repeatly response of how to apply and all what I don’t need.

  40. Maggie

    I apply September til now I dint receive any 350

  41. Jay lutchmee pillay

    I Collected 350 in August thru my bank account but never received again for September and October, this morning I received an sms that I need to go to the post office to collect with a different ID number I’m so confused my ID ends with 082 but this sms sassa sent ends with 058
    Need help

  42. Alicia Welch

    Both me and my fiance applied in August – now after checking every month it says “approved” and “active” We have not receive ANY money so we are owed for August, September, October and will most likely have to wait for November.

    Come on Government – people voted for you and you are letting us down – no wonder there is so much crime and corruption because people have no jobs, no food and children to feed.

    I would appreciate Government to expedite payment for all with backpay asap.

    As I see nobody is responding to the people’s grievances. But when it comes to elections you are very quick on the ball. A very frustrated South African.

  43. laverne

    hi i have been approved for Aug, Sept and Oct but no pay date. i so need this money iit’s so not fair. plz help.

  44. Gladys

    Hi I have been approved for Aug,September and pay dates are showing but didn’t recieve anything why??

  45. Tracey mniki

    I have pay dates for August n October I am caregiver I didn’t receive srd on my sassa and on my bank account absa I go to Pick n pay n check but it decline I didn’t get any sms stating that I must collect at boxer o Pick n pay what must i do to get the money

  46. my name is Mahlapane Parkies

    i didn’t receive srd pay date for August and October. please let me know what is going on, i have change from post office to tyme bank on October 12th.

  47. Busiswa

    I’m Busiswa I have the dates 01 and 21 August and October but I didn’t receive any money from the bank account what can I do

  48. Chumani Nkawu

    I am Chumani Nkawu I did not receive any money from my Time bank account from August and September, but I checked my status showed that I receive the money but I did not, I only receive October even now I did not receive even November. What can I to do now.

  49. Zakhona hlongwa

    Approved from September to November but no pay date, I used my banking details

  50. Meagan

    Hw do u change your cell phone number?? Nd can u change it online??

    1. DFlex

      If you are the owner of the number, you can do sim swap otherwise you have contact sassa on 0800601011 toll free number to change for you

  51. Busisiwe

    I applied since last year it been declined January. I send my reconsideration it pending since February till now I don’t know if I will get my R350.

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