When I check my R350 SRD status, it says “failed”

Many applicants are currently complaining why when they try to check their status of the SRD R350 Grant they are met with the message “Failed”.

According to these stranded applicants who are wandering if they are to be approved or not, they are in limbo who cannot see their fate.

Most of these applicants have taken to social media to express their dissatisfaction with the way things are going.

But it seems sassa is yet to to make any public announcement over the issue so that these people will have the heart to wait as the issues are resolved.

With barely two weeks to the end of the month, which SASSA promised first batch of payments will start, there is no indication for approvals yet, not to talk about the payment dates.

But we are very keen, sassa is working in the background to verify all these millions of applications for subsequent verdict.

It has to be noted that, those experiencing this problem are not only people that used the Moya app but in general.

Moreover, there is so much more pressure on SASSA SRD R350 grant application system because of the numerous requests on the servers by applicants across the country.

We are trying our best to bring thus issue to the attention of sassa, and promised to get our readers updated as soon as possible.

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God bless you all

Latest Updates on this issue

SASSA has asked applicants who want to know their application status to contact sassa on 0800601011 toll free number.

SASSA’s number is a hotline and callers must exercise patience and keep calling until the call goes through but make sure that you have your ID number in hand.

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  1. Thank you for an update I am one if those who got failed, looking forward to know why because I’m unemployed with no income


  2. This is very frustrating…. I did apply numerous times for the previous unemployment grant I didn’t qualify and yet now it still indicates that my request of getting unemployment grant it failed.if I may ask what kind of people that are qualified for the unemployment grant

    1. Thobeka, what was the reason for the decline in the previous unemployment grant?

      The failed message you are seeing is a system challenge, happening to numerous people…

      Contact sassa toll free number 0800601011 for assistance

      1. They declined my application
        Reason:I’m registered for Nsfas

        How does that happen?cause at first I was receiving R350,with that reason of Nsfas…but now they declined me…

        I don’t understand because I’m not schooling,not working,actually I don’t receive any income…even that Nsfas I applied for it before covid-19…but still i don’t get approved….

        Can i get a valid reason why they declined?because this one they gave me..I totally don’t understand it….

        1. Let me tell you what you need to do. Your name and ID numbers are still in the Database of nsfas. If possible, Friday or Monday, go to nsfas office and let them delete your name from their system. Thus the suggestion from department of social Development. #SASSACARES

        2. Hi
          I also got a similar problem, I applied last year and I got declined saying that I’m Irp5 registered but I’m no longer working,what can I do to avoid the same results this year.

          1. Basically, you should have appealed the decision. But you go ahead and apply and let us see. The irp5 is a tax certificate which should be submitted by your employer to show that you were paying tax (if that persist this time contact SARS)

        3. Good day please assist why is application being declined if the receiving social grant for kids … didn’t the present advise that they are allowed to apply for the 350

  3. I’ve forgotten the number i used to apply, reason i have 3 numbers so i dont know which one of them I used.. i tried them all but it keeps saying failed.. is there any way i can fix this? Please

      1. Good day when I check my status I get a error failed I was approved for the previous time and collected grant previously so am I approved or not

  4. I have received message confirming activation of my application but now when i try to check the status it keeps on saying failed

  5. I applied last year and receive 350 inly 4 months then after that i was declined readon being UIF and im not getting UIF at the moment what should i do

  6. What should i do to qualify for srd since i was declined from getting UIF and im not getting it any more it was only a once off of 12months period

  7. I want to know if it’s possible to change the contact details I used to apply for the srd Grant and replace them.

  8. I was retranched in Sept 2019 I got my UIF from Nov till Oct 2020.. It’s 2021 I am still Unemployed and have no source of income when I applied I got rejected because I am registered with UIf.. How do I resolve my issue?

    1. If you don’t qualify for UIF again, then get in touch with UIF and lwt them delete (do something about your details in their system) your details from their database to pave way for SRD R350 Grant Application

  9. I tried to check my srd status it failed.but i already got the message which said my 350 is now active.im unemployed ay the moment the assistant. Iy was temporarily what can i do to get 350

  10. I’ve got an issue I’ve applied last year for are grant and I’ve been collecting until this year well the number I’ve had was stolen and I didn’t have time to do a sim swap…but this year from January I was declined it says irp5 and I’m not working nor am I collecting any money …ive regesterd again with a new number now but when I check status it says failed…but I understand that the issues will be resolved but i need to know about my money that was declined from January as I haven’t been working and ii was collect my srd until this year…would I get my money that was declined from January?????

  11. My son applied using my phone,and selected cash send as the method of payment,since he has no bank account. Now the phone is under my name. How can we do to change method of payment or submit his cellphone number?

  12. Hi i’ve also applied for the grants few weeks back. But when i check the status it keeps saying failed. Can you atleast tell me what going on or what does this mean


  13. Previously was approved for the grant. Thereafter payment stopped citing irp5 as raason. I’m unemployed and have no sources of income. I reapplied for this second batch , will my issue actually have been resolved. Thanking you in advance

  14. I applied and was declined reason income source identified. I have no income except my child support grant. I have done the reconsideration process but my application still says decline when I view my status. What should I do now

  15. I have received my srd grant 3 times last year afterwards when check my status it will say declined and when I check reason it says irp5 registered and now was checking my application status it says “failed” but I don’t get a reason for that, can you help

  16. Hi in Nokwanda .i aply for srd grant but i didnt qualify for grant it say declinde cz of uif and i dont know how cz im not in uif and not working at all .and no if i check sassa status failed .i dont know what to do cz i realy need this 350

  17. I have tried to re apply and also inserted my email address but failed when submitting any reason as to why?

  18. Please advise, I received the June payment but now when I check the status for April 2022 month is not there, could be that it’s still in process or might that my April payment has been missed?

  19. Please help me I was getting 350 every month now since I apply again my 350 is now a problem when I check it it sayS there’s an income that I’m getting and there’s no income that I’m getting..please help me I’m depending on it..

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