How to Submit or Resubmit SRD R350 Grant Bank Account DetailsHow to Submit or Resubmit SRD R350 Grant Bank Account Details

One of the key and best additions to this year’s SASSA SRD R350 grant application has to do with the introduction of the submission of bank account information upfront. How to Submit or Resubmit SRD R350 Grant Bank Account Details or information in 2023?

This reinstated SRD R350 Grant Application, SASSA has advised applicants to submit their bank account details at the time of the application unlike the previous ones where they had to wait until approved before one could switch payments option.


In the final stage of the application, applicants are to choose what payments options they prefer. There are a about three or four ways to submit but which can basically be put into two groups namely those who have bank accounts and those that don’t have.

Submit or Resubmit SRD R350 Grant Bank Account Details

How to Submit or Resubmit SRD R350 Grant Bank Account Details or information?

To submit your bank account details during the application process you have follow these:

  • Submission of Your Own Bank Account Details : Please note that, the bank account must bear the exact details and must be in the name of the applicant. No joint account or third party account will be accepted.
    1. Select the name of the bank
    2. Select the Branch where the account is located.
    3. Select the account type e.g. Savings or Current
    4. Account Number of the account.
    5. Click on the Submit.
  • Those who do not have bank account on their own : if you fall within this category then you have about three options that are : Post Bank Virtual Card which can be used at various selected ATM locations, SAPO (collection at the post office) and the Cash Send (e wallet) options. New Update : Cash Send is no longer working, it is either Personal bank account or Post Bank (Merchant Stores)
  • If you u choose the the Post Bank option, then chose the Post Bank and an account will be generated for you. You will be given an virtual card (ATM card details) uniquely for you.
  • This virtual card can be used at to withdraw the grant at some me selected ATMs, retail shops as well as some SAPO offices.
  • The good thing about this virtual card is the fact that it is free of charge and at no cost.
  • You then select to request for a virtual card account and follow the screen prompts and submit the application.
  • Post Office Collection Points: You choose the SAPO branch you want to collect your grant from.
  • Cash Send: Choose the cash Send payment option and select the appropriate details and submit the application. Please note that the cell phone number to be used must be registered in the applicant’s name.

Resubmitting Bank Account Details May 2024

In this case, if you wish to switch to a new bank account or made a mistake you intend to correct the already submitted bank account information, then follow these steps to do that

  • Now visit the link :
  • Scroll down to the section where the label “How do I change my banking details
  • Enter your ID number used to apply and click on submit.
  • A unique link will be sent to your cell phone number used to apply an click ob the link received and enter your new banking information and submit.

Now all is set all applicants who wish to switch or submit bank account details can go ahead and do it right away for a limited time.


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50 thoughts on “How to Submit or Resubmit SRD R350 Grant Bank Account Details or information? May 2024”
  1. The section of how to change bank details isn’t working , i did not put my bank account number during my application because they said i should put it after 24 hours. How can i put it

  2. I try to open srd it say i already i never did i want cancel it because i lost my id please help me. Iwant to restart it

      1. Hi I want to know how can I put my bank details because it says I should wait 24hrs even today it says so since Saturday an my status is approved…I don’t know where am I going to get money

        1. How long does it take to get the payment , since August I haven’t received anything
          Who do i contact to get this matter resolved

  3. Hi I wanted to ask if you have applied for R350 using my bank account details and it’s active should I submit my bank statement to SASSA?…

          1. There’s no any other way to submit the bank account beside the ‘ how do I change my Bank details? Can’t I email or fax sassa?

  4. Hey i request banking details change and never recieve an sms now 48 hours later when i retry it’s say requested past 24 hours what can i do because when we try and call sassa their network is congested always please help deadline for changing is friday

  5. Previously received srd money via post office and I have recently changed the payment method to my personal bank but still no payment has come through. Please help ASAP

  6. Good day
    I had mine on cash send but never got a voucher number or pin but I registered on my wife’s phone number as I don’t have a phone now is the 3rd month I changed to my bank account details but now I would like to know how do I get my money from the previous 2months??

  7. Hi I applied for 350 grant and approved from August but I don’t get my money , now I need to submit my bank account because at the post office they say my bank account have no money they say I need to open another account

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