SASSA has indicated that henceforth SRD R350 applicants can now request to switch their payment methods from one to another, for instance, from the Post Office to one’s bank account or ewallet or vice versa.

In the previous one, there was only specific times SASSA allowed for applicants to switch payments option, in the case of September, the window period to change or switch accounts was from 3rd to 10th September 2021.


To change payment accounts, go to the website

Scroll down to the section of the page giving you the direction to change payment accounts, beneath it you will see a text box asking for your ID number.


Enter the ID number used for the application. Immediately, you will receive SMS in your inbox which contains a unique link that has yo be followed.

When you receive the SMS just click on the link to load for your, however if your phone is not a smartphone, you can forward the whole content of the message to a friend who has smartphone.

After the link is fully loaded, enter the ID number again and you now have the page asking for the change of payment. By default, Post office is the payment option, but if you want to rather use your own bank account, select that option and choose the bank name, type of account (savings, checking etc) and enter your bank account number.

After that submit and you will receive a screen prompts showing that payments method successfully submitted.


An SMS notification will be sent right away to the cell phone number used to submit the application indicating a confirmation of submission.

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  1. When I checked my status on Moya app my payday was on 27 August but yesterday I was there but I didn’t get my money why

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