Are you approved for the SASSA SRD R350 grant application but you have not received any SMS from the Post Office for collection?

Indeed, Post office together with the SASSA came up with an idea that, in order to reduce overcrowding at the various Post offices around the country, applicants who have been approved with pay dates and collecting their grants from the Post Office should have received an SMS notification asking to collect grants.


In addition to this, the last three digits of the applicant’s ID number will be used for collection on a particular date.

But the problem associated with the new SMS stuff is that, last year something similar was said but little was done.


People who were approved long time bit never received SMS from Post and sometimes they are turned away.

How frustrating that can be! And this year too, they are preaching the same sermon which they themselves find it difficult to abide by.

Corruption at the Post office

Post Office Payments were marred by so many corruption allegedly perpetrated by some workers of the post office with others collecting R50 from applicants.

Some applicants too reported some cases where when they went to collect their grants only to be told someone else has collected their grant in a different province. Which obviously does not make any sense!


The tellers were supposed to check the identity of the collector before issuing out cash but all these were reported but nothing was done about it.

But in fact, if you have been approved and you have not received any SMS, probably post office is waiting for the SASSA regular grants payments to be completed for the month of September 2021 on the 7th of September 2021.

After that we can expect payments from the Post Office and possibly SMS will start coming up.

Post Office Working on USSD Code

Post Office spokesperson has once said, they are working on an USSD code which will help applicants to dial to find out if they have grants at the post office for collection.

It is our hope this code will be implemented so that applicants who are already finalizing unstable have to sometimes travel with the little they have on them and only to be told there is no money for collection or no cash available.

Post Office must beef up their security and make sure receipts are issued anytime applicants come to collect grants.

Those charging R50 before issuing payments must be made to refund the amount or disciplined.

The unemployment rate in the country is too much and the youth should have their fair share of the national cake. Government should create employment opportunities for them.

Post Office Payments Dates for September 2021 SRD R350 Grant using Applicant’s last three digits of ID numbers.

You can use the comment section below to send us your feedback. Keep checking your status.

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100 thoughts on “sassa status approved but no sms”
  1. I applied and it say August Approved and September it’s Pending. I have not received any sms and I’m not sure what to do

  2. I have been approved for August but without a date and an SMS .I am now confused and frustrated . Why is it taking this long to give a date and a sms ?

      1. Since i apply september but still Today u didnt Recieve anY Money even a MassaGe
        But When i check online My 3t0 SaYs it is approVed But they Dont HaVe pay DaTe?

  3. I have been approved ND they did pay the money on 30August but when I go to check my money by the bank there’s nothing no money in where should I check at the post office cause I put my bank information

  4. My payday was on 27 August but I didn’t get my money yesterday I was at Boxer shop to collect my money I got a massage that says dear beneficiary unfortunately you are not registered to use this service why

  5. Because I apply on Moya app and it’s approved with payday 27 August but yesterday I didn’t get money I was at Boxer shop I got a massage says dear beneficiary unfortunately you are not registered to use this service why

  6. Its says aproved for August and pending for september …. And i have never recieved any payment nor sms like i don’t know wat to do now plzz hlp

  7. I’ve chosen the EFT method and I’ve been approved for August but still has not recieve an sms for cash withdrawl and its already September..any advise.

  8. My application is approved for SRD 350 and now is active but a status says for August is decline for September is still remaining as pending due the outcome sorce that I earn.

      1. Approved since August but no sms or paydate. Im too scared of waisting my time by walking to post office just to find out “nothing”

  9. I have received approved on August but they changed and said referred what does that mean.and if your outcome says approved without the dates is the money available or not

  10. Approved from last year at the beginning of this grant but never received anything,what must I do ,cause I checked my status and was told form incomplete until I made an appeal

  11. I applied for the srd in August it got approved and on the 1st was my payday and it went into my account im collecting child support then my September application was approved but there is no payday.I really need the money.Please can u let me know what needs to be done cause im really confused weather or not we will get it.thanks

  12. Hi I was approved for August September & October never received an SMS when I went to post office the consultant said I’m not on the post office system what must I do?

  13. My little brother was approved August, September & October but he’s still waiting for sms since they say they must wait for sms from the post office
    Please help

  14. I have been approved for August, September and October with dates for collection but I have not received an SMS , what is the way forward?

    Please assist.

  15. Approved by no SMS from August till now and I have payment dates what must I do if it’s cash send pls help

  16. My wife told by post office members that she is not in the system even though her application says approved with payday or date what must she do?

  17. I am approved for August, September and October with pay dates but have not receive an SMS for all 3 months. What is going on. Is there any help that can help us that haven’t received our money as yet. We do need this money just like all the others that are getting. Please help us that is struggling and waiting for far to long. Help us out please

  18. The whatsapp helpline is just a chat of so it always says it can’t understand what I’m why have this whatsapp if it’s not gonna help

  19. Hi I got approved from August, September, October, November I checked my status and there is payment Dates for all 4 months but no sms for collecting my sussa social relief grand what is happening and how do I get my sms throw postbank

  20. My son is approved from August but no dates last week he updated bank account my question is must he go to post office or wait for sms from bank?

  21. My son has approved for 4 months but no pay dates no sms. Last week he updated his bank account shall go to post office or wait for sms from bank??

  22. My son has approved for 4 months but no SMS or dates last week he updated his bank details so must he wait for sms from bank or go to post office?

  23. I’ve been approved for all months. Each time go to a post office they can never help. We do not receive sms’ and only shows approval on srd status check.
    Payment dates are on weekends and Post Office do not pay on weekends. Standing 6 hours at SASSA offices and they can’t help either.
    Now we can go to Pick n Pay however again not all PnP pay out.. This cycle payment ends shortly….very frustrating

  24. I’ve been aproved for so many months but still not get an sms from post office to come and collect my r350 so what must i do?

  25. Ive been aproved for so many months but still not get an sms from post office to come and collect my r350 so what must i do?

    1. I’ve been approved for the last three months since I applied, but its pending for December? I have no sms does this mean I won’t the payment for those three months?

  26. I have been approved for three months but still I have not get an SMS from post office to come and collect my 350
    What must I do?

    1. They send me a sms to give them my bank details and unfortunately I saw the sms later cause they said I should give them within 30 min then when I click the link and enter my id to give them my bank details it says valid token so what should I do

  27. Since I applied in September and it shows September =Approved
    October =Approved
    November =Approved
    December =Approved
    But there is no pay dates in all of them and I used a bank account as a method of collection

  28. I have been approved since August. It’s now December. No sms no mine paid in to my account yet can somebody please explain what’s going on.

  29. I’ve been approved from August but still to date i haven’t been payed, is there sn issue regarding payments?

  30. I have registered since last year October 2021 its approved since that month when i started to register until now its January 2022 no SMS no payment day nothing just approved

  31. I applied on 1st of september 2021. My srxld was approved from september up to december but no pay dates. i haven’t received any of this money cause i was told to wait for an sms, but still haven’t received an sms. What do i do to get this money, as i need it.

  32. Guys please be honest DID ANY OF YOU EVER RECEIVE A SMS from Post office or Sassa Regarding the R350?

    I keep seeing the is sms thing in there daily updates but since since I’ve never received a sms.

    I’ve changed to bank account it was the worst mistake I could ever make…


  33. I have been approved from September 2021 to December 2021 but never received any payments for the months i really need the money what should i do? Its very frustrating when no one gets back to you

  34. My son is approves since December 2021, he went to post Office and was told to go back to Sassa.
    What must he go to get the money.

  35. I have been approved December but still no sms and also approved for January still no sms. What must i do now.

  36. I have been approved for September, October, November, December, January, but I only have a pay date for January what could be the problem

  37. I have been approved for the months December 2021 to February 2022 but I have never received an sms from the post office, I got turned down twice at the post office, I showed them on my Moya app that I was approved and they just said I should wait for the sms. This is so frustrating.

  38. They send me a sms to give them my bank details and unfortunately I saw that sms and they said I should give them my bank details within 30 min so when I click the link and enter and enter my id to give them my bank details it says valid token so what should I do

  39. I have been approved since August August has a date but no smsbt since there no pay dates till this month

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