Things seems different for this special SRD R350 Grant Application Status approved or pending checking status online.

Applicants cannot check their status online for the SASSA SRD R350 grant application payments.


Whenever most of them try, they have a message showing “failed” which has left many applicants troubled. Now they cannot tell whether they are approved or still pending.

Some even wonder why things seems difficult compared to the previous SRD R350 Grant Application and payments.


At least in the previous SRD R350 Grant, applicants could check their status online any day and any time.

Applicants were expecting that things would be far better this time around, but that is far from what they are seeing today.

But from SASSA’s point of view, they think they are rather improving their services with respect to the reinstated SRD R350 Unemployment grant.

They argue that, the number of applications being processed far exceed the previous one as this time unemployed caregivers are also given the chance to apply.


As applicants are facing challenges over their current statuses, this is what SASSA intends to do :

When an applicant submits the application, sassa will assess the if the applicant meets the criteria, it is approved otherwise declined. If bank account is submitted and verified, grants paid into the account, else grant sent to the post office for collection. Applicants can only change, update or submit bank account details after 1st September 2021.

Strategy used by SASSA for August 2021 SRD R350 Grant payments

What these mean is that if you’re not able to check your status, but you submitted correct bank account details then continue expecting SMS alert from your bank or you can keep checking your account balance from time to time.

However, if you chose Post Office or chosen by default, post office will send you an SMS notification to the phone number used to apply when grant payment is ready.

From September, applicants will have the chance to update, submit or switch to their preferred payment method either personal bank, Post Bank Virtual Card or post office or Ewallet /Cash Send.


By Edna

57 thoughts on “SRD R350 Grant Application Approved or Pending Checking Status Online August 2021”
      1. Hello . since October says approved but I don’t receive any money from that month actually I don’t understand why is about 3 month now.nothing

    1. What does it mean when they said ur aplicarion is already active..I have a aplication ID no & also I registered by post bank

  1. When I want to check my status it says failed but today at the post office they said 086 is on The 1September how would I know if I’m approved without sms

  2. Mine its been approved since a mid august but no pay days and September pending still no payments have been made

  3. August approved no paydate ,September approved no paydate still my bank details were successfully I don’t know what is happening

  4. Application approved but haven’t received any payment. used the eWallet method to receive my payments

  5. My srd grand has been approved in August it said active August and September but no payment haste been made at post office said I’m not on their system I change to my bank account an still nothing now on my bank details it says pending

  6. My srd grand has been approved in August it said active August and September but no payment has been made at post office said I’m not on their system I change to my bank account an still nothing now on my bank details it says pending

  7. August was approved and received payment but haven’t received any payment for September and October yet, why?

  8. i have the problem with sassa grand i mean R625.if we are foreigners you have to tell us we dont be long to south africa and we will leave with a peaceful i mean all of us those who dont get this srd grand.and one last thing you have to show us our country.

  9. iv been aproved for the past 5 mnths but i havent received any money, it says not date has been set why is this

  10. I have applied in 2020 n mine keeps declining n saying I get a alternative income source which I do not I don’t even have a bank account please help it’s almost 2 years now

  11. Since from last year it approves only with no pay dates I don’t know what to do now 😭😭 it almost 2 years now with approved months only with no pay dates,, what do i need to do now please 🙏 help

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