SASSA has announced Child Support Grant Top-Ups for some caregivers if they qualify.

Applicants can apply for the top up at the various SASSA offices across the country or online at


According to SASSA, caregivers who eligible or qualified for the top ups grant can do so at any local office of sassa.

When Will the SASSA CSG Top-Ups Starts?

The effective date for the application is 1st June 2022. Meaning starting from June 2022 any qualified caregiver or applicant can request at no fee and be added to the child support grants already received every month.


Why SASSA CSG Top-Ups or Increase?

The main reason or objective why this CSG Top-Ups is to help families or caregivers who are already taking care of orphans to help provide for their basic necessities.

This is to help them (the orphans) to stay within their biological extended family so that they are not taking out if their “familiar environment” according to SASSA.

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How much is the CSG Top-Ups or Increase?

According to SASSA, these children will receive their usual R480 CSG grants and additional R240 making a total of R720 every month.


Who Qualifies For SASSA CSG Top-Ups or Increase?

The following are the qualifications criteria that will be used for approval or selection :

  • Must prove to be an orphan with all the necessary documentations such as :
    1. Certified Copies of the death certificates of the child’s parents
    2. In case, there are no death certificates for one parent, there should be an affidavit attesting to the fact that the other parent has passed away or status is unknown.
    3. If both parents status are unknown, there should be affidavits to attest that too.

Cor further assistance or information, you can always contact SASSA on 0800601011 toll free number especially those who are taking care of orphans.

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