After several agitations from the millions of applicants who have either reapplied or submitted all new applications, and the back and forth of SASSA, the president Cyril Ramaphosa has added his voice and made it clear SASSA should start payments next week as promised.

On Thursday, SASSA granted an interview where it seemed their promise to start payments by mid of June may not be materialized due circumstances beyond their control as a result of bureaucratic systems from the banks and the National Treasury.


From the interview, it was made clear that the National Treasury was still negotiating with the banks over charges or fees for the payment processing as the recipient will not bear the cost but rather SASSA.

But in a turn of events, the president when speaking in Cape Town on Friday said SASSA should start payments next week as promised and pay the arrears spanning from April to May 2022.


β€œThe grants will resume next week and the beneficiaries will get backpay for the months they were not paid out. “

President Cyril Ramaphosa

But we wonder if those bottlenecks SASSA seems to be contemplating will be resolved as soon as possible enough so that payments can eventually start. But with the president having made that announcement, it is likely this will help speed up the process.

Once again, is SASSA going to pay the backpay together with the June 2022 after their earlier claim that no double payments at once although there can be multiple payments in a month….

We all live to see how this developments will evolve 😩😩😩😩

Update. We are now waiting for the rolling over of the January 2023 payments. Although most people are paid, others are still waiting for their pay dates.


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Payments are currently ongoing


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