Did you call SASSA on toll free number 0800601011 to check status? Was your call through or was hanged? If it was through, what was the response? Were you approved, pending or declined.

If you were approved, was there a pay dates or no pay dates? If it was declined, what was the exact reason for the decline?


If rather pending, when are they going to consider my application?

Let me reiterate that, those applied using GovChat and Whatsapp can now check their status online using the GovChat website or Whatsapp.


Quick update : SASSA has finally reactivated the application status.

They will only need the reference number that was given you (generated by the system). The reference number is alphanumeric code example : PQRY402.

They will only show if you are approved or declined or pending..

So what is your current status?

One of the major setbacks of this SRD R350 Grant Application process is the inability for applicants to check their status online.


Earlier, sassa promised to reactivate, but it didn’t work and whenever one tries to check status, he or she is met with the message “failed”.

In order to know your status, the applicant has to call SASSA toll free number 0800601011 to check status.

That is practically impossible, you know that! The line is almost always congested as millions of aggrieved applicants wants to know about status.

Those who had their call through, were answered. Most of these applicants were happy as they were told their applications have been approved with pay dates being 1st September 2021.

The Post Office Payments is a different game altogether. Post Office Payments collection can only be made when the applicant who is approved with pay dates receives SMS asking him or her to go to the post office.

The frustrations associated with the post office payments is just overwhelming because hundreds of thousands if not millions are using Post Office as their payments method.

According to reports from SASSA, over 12 million people will be approved to receive the grants.


By Edna

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  1. Mine says approved and pay day 20 but didnt get any sms from sassa to collect my what should i go go to post office or wait for the sms?

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