The anxiety of the SRD R350 grants applicants are not something anyone can just ignore. Applicants are just desperate, because at this moment, most of them cannot even check their status successfully.

They are contemplating what is actually going on since it is even difficult to get to know their application status.

SASSA Old Age Pension Grant Payment Dates September 2021

SASSA made a public announcement that first batch of payment is likely to be paid by the fourth week of the month of August 2021.

But applicants know that verification have to be made first before payments are made, but they are not even able to check their status, how much more payments.


But one thing is sure, the Treasury has made enough funds available to the department of social development, to pay for the reinstated SRD R350 Grant.

Since, sassa nor DSD has not made any public announcement contrary to their previous statement, then we can confidently say payment will still start by the last week of August 2021.

However, we are closely monitoring events from SASSA, and in case of any new developments, we will keep our visitors updated.

For the mean time, we will continue to wait and be calm for the next announcement from SASSA.


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By Edna

3 thoughts on “When are we receiving our first payment for the SASSA SRD R350 grant?”
  1. Both August and September are approved but I haven’t been payed yet. It’s now Oct what must i do to get paid?

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