Have you applied for the reinstated SRD R350 Grant? Have you checked your status today? Are you approved? Approved with pay dates? Did you submit an accurate personal bank account? The account is in your name?

If your answer to all the questions above is yes, then you are more likely to be paid your SASSA SRD R350 grant by the end of the August 2021.

Submit bank account data

As we all know, the application goes through a series of procedures before one is approved or declined.

Based on the earlier public announcement from Lindiwe Zulu regarding when the August 2021 payments. She emphasized that payments for initial batch will start by the last week of the month of August 2021.


Since we are within few days to usher into the last week of August, we are very optimistic and upbeat about the payment plans for SASSA.

The Minister saw the need to fast track the payments thus why this time around they asked applicants to submit their personal bank information upfront during application unlike the previous SRD where applicants are only asked to submit their bank account details after Approvals.

In this case, if you are approved and have pay out dates, you are paid into your bank account automatically.


By Edna

3 thoughts on “When Is August 2021 Payment Dates for SRD R350 Grant? Will I get Paid”
  1. Good day Sir/Madam
    Could you please check the status of my relative’ s application for R350. The I.D number is 9112290740087 and the Initials are F.P Mthimde. The cell number is 0732131776.
    Thank you

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