For SASSA applicants who have already submitted their application forms would want to know how to check SASSA application status.

Below are the details on how to check your application especially those who applied using the manual forms or those who applied at the various SASSA offices.


SASSA grant application is not automatic acceptance or approval program. It has to go through a thorough process before approval.


The most important way to check your status is to go to the the nearest SASSA office preferably where you applied.

SASSA Application Status Check

When you visit the office, please talk to any SASSA official and he or she will be able to assist you. You may be be required to provide the any or all of the following :
1. Receipt given during the submission of the application.
2. Identification Documents (ID) etc.

It is ideal to go to the office in person or officially assign someone to check from you.

Please note that, this is not for sassa srd grant which was solely done online but for the regular SASSA grants such as Child Support Grant, Old Age, Disability etc.


For any aggrieved applicant whose application has been declined have the opportunity to appeal and request a review of the approval process and if there is any correction to be made, the applicant is given the chance to so accordingly.

As usual, when your application is finally approved, you will be given a debit SASSA card (Complete Guide For SASSA Card) which you can use to purchase food items hat various partnered pay points across the country.

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57 thoughts on “How to check SASSA application status: Child Support Grant, Old Age, Disability Grant”
  1. Morning I didn’t receive my child support grant and on the application receipt they said I’ll receive it from October. What went wrong

  2. hi I did my application online for child grant support on the 12 of september and I submitted all the document they want and I didnt get any respond till today

      1. I also applied for my child Grant online on September. I only got a reference number there is nothing on my email inbox

  3. I did do my application online for child Grants support on 12 of September and I did not get any respond so I just I want to know what went wrong

  4. I did do my application for support grant on22 of September and on the application receipt they sad I’ll receive it form October .wat wrong

    1. I did applied for child support grant online I only received reference numbers so I don’t know whether u approved my application or not

  5. i applied child support grant then i received form said my first payment was 610 but i did not received what can i do?

    1. Hi i applied my child support grant on October on online i received reference number and nothing else. What must I do.

      1. Hy I applied for my daughter’s grant on the 23rd of March 2022 since then I was told to wait for a referral call. It’s almost 3 months now with no call or response.

  6. I applied for child support grant online and it has not been opened I only got ref no, please look into it,I have been trying to contact Sassa no luck.

  7. I’ve applied so many times they told me I’m under investigation, for how many years my kids were stop from getting social grant!! When everyone was changing from getting money from sassa card and asked to go to the nearest office, which I did even went to fnb I submitted back to sassa, I’ve got 3kids whom were getting grant money but the two girls went to study in kzn due to personal problems so when I have to renew their grant here in Johannesburg they told I can’t get for the two girls who were studying in kzn, okay I submitted for the last born who was with me here in joburg, but I never get anything from sassa again, up until today coz when my two girls came back from kzn, I tried to apply and I was told I’m under investigation I cannot apply, my reason why it’s bothering me so much is I don’t know what for, I’m a South African who’s not working, their father passed on 2017,i make sure I vote since the year I had an ID, so what’s stopping them to give my kids up until 2021 I guess it was 2015 or 2014 what is there up until now they still invistigate? I’m a crying women asking for help

  8. Hi I’ve applied for child support grant on May since today I haven’t received anything from sassa when I called they say they haven’t looked at my application yet

  9. I am not happy at all my son was born in 2019 – 12_11, I applied for his grant, I did everything, however the day I went to check the status, I was told that the system says I am working, I asked them, the system says I am working from because on the form I filled I did specify that I am not working. I was told to come back with proof that I am not working, tell someone who is not working and who depends on this money how is she gonna get money for taxi fare to move up and down, tell when you don’t even have money for food, how are you gonna get money to go sassa again and something you did. I would be very happy if my son can I also get his right as the south african child and get his money. He is now 2 years he has not yet got the child grant. I would be very happy if I can get help. It’s covid it’s not easy, I used to back, they will return us and say we only taking 20 people if not they will say today we only helping old people. I spend money that I don’t have to go to salsa with no luck. Please help me

  10. Hi I’m Zenande i was applied for the Child grant online it was August I’ve got the reference number by still pending ,want to know why you said you open online application but you don’t go through it

  11. Hi I need help I applied early March and got approved they said I will get it on April I don’t know what happened haven’t received anything.

  12. I no longer have the number i applied with for the grant. How and where can i update my details?

  13. I didn’t get my child grand this August, I don’t know why.. what should I do to get it then??? Please….

  14. Hi my daughter applied for distress grant and she get paid once, she only get declined status
    please let me know why is she declined now, she is still not working

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