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During the peak of the global pandemic, South Africa was the number one country that was hit hard and the country’s economy was not spared.

The president upon consideration eith the high unemployment rate in the country, stimulus package was introduced referred to as Social Relief of Distress (SRD) R350 approximately US$23.70 a month.

The grant saw two extensions each three months when it was finally expired in April 2021.

Due to a third wave of the virus, affecting many businesses across the country, there were calls from various civil society organizations to reinstate the SRD R350 grants.

Upon back and forth, the President in consultation with the National Treasury headed by the then Minister of Finance, Mboweni, the announcement was made in July 2021 for the grant to be reintroduced from August 2021 to March 2022, a period of 8 months.

The Minister for Social Development Department, Mad Lindiwe Zulu played a crucial role to make the SRD R350 Grant a reality.

She announced the modalities and qualifying criteria for one to be considered for the grant.

One group of people are now added, thus unemployed caregivers or mothers. In the previous grant, mothers, although unemployed, were not considered. is a modern and authoritative website decided to help applicants have up to date information from the application, submission of bank account details, checking status and payment dates.

All the information provided are from official sources and are therefore accurate and updated and simplify them for our site users and visitors.

In this era of fake news, getting an info portal where visitors can get reliable and accurate information is a gem. And that is where comes in.

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  1. I started in February to apply until now. It’s still pending, but I’m no longer a UIF registered it’s been 2 years now. But when I did an appeal I show it in May 2022 it’s been approved. They told me that payment dates it not been created. They said I must be patient.

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