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Capitec Bank SRD R350 Grant Payments Dates August 2021

One of the most popular and most patronized banks by applicants of the SASSA SRD R350 grant is Capitec Bank.

It has won many glories and won the hearts of its customers for excellent customer service support.

It is no wonder, many South Africans prefer Capitec Bank to other banks and more so applicants of the SASSA SRD R350 grant are much in love with.

Although SASSA has not categorically stated payment dates for a particular bank’s customers, but the trend observed indicates that applicants of the same bank are usually paid around a particular date.

That notwithstanding, sassa has announced that the SRD R350 Grant payments will start Monday 23rd August 2021.

It is likely Capitec Bank among other applicants who are using other forms of payment will start receiving their cash on the payment dates for August 2021.

So Capitec Bank users should check their application status and check pay dates and monitor their SMS midnight or early morning of the pay dates.

We are very keen that this time around things are going to speed up since funds are ready and secured.

It is rather unfortunate that some applicants as at now cannot update their banking details on the website as it isn’t activated.

Payments Dates 2021 August SRD R350 grant Capitec Bank

Some applicants failed to submit their bank account details upfront when applying, others too made a mistake when entering their account numbers and all these people want to update or even switch payments option but that module is still not activated.

From the look of things, it may take some time for SASSA to resolve all these problems. This may lead to a delay in some applicant’s payment schedule, already sassa has to verify each person’s submitted bank account details to confirm the identity of the account holder in connection with the applicant.

Hello Capitec Bank customers, are you ready for the SMS alert starting from Monday? 🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😆😆😆

Update : Payments are currently ongoing at various banks and post.

Most Capitec Bank users have received payments and if it is not your turn yet, don’t worry…

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  1. Promise Moroke

    Im struggling to check my status it says failed

      1. DFlex

        Contact sassa to get your status : 0800601011

        1. Thabang Mankheli

          I want to know my status

        2. Luntu

          My status is approved but no money in my bank

          1. Tele

            U will get a date as there is no specific date for payments, u can even get paid for October before August payment.

        1. Brandon

          I’m still waiting

    1. anele gulubela

      I have not been receiving my sassa grant since April 2021 until I got employed starting from November 2021

  2. Ncebakazi

    What about those people who made mistakes for not providing their bank details

  3. Ncebakazi

    I want to change my banking details but I’m struggling please help

      1. Thapelo phamodi

        My status is approved but no money in my bank

  4. Dumisile

    i want to change bank detail but i’m struggling please help

    1. DFlex

      It is currently not functioning. Not available

  5. Gstone M

    Gstone .M when are we getting our promise funds for capitec user we need specific date not all these “failed” option we are receiving when getting to update.

  6. Nozuko Kumalo

    I am a Capitec user, been waiting since the 24th.Worst part cant view my status, there’s always an error.

    1. Alex

      Me 2 still it’s the 1 st September and didn’t receive it yet.

  7. Vuyelo Vision Vukeya

    Mine is still pending up to today and I applied 2weeks ago

    1. Neeresh

      I’m still waiting for my R350 to go in to my capitec account

  8. Tshepo

    It’s say failed.

  9. Cindi

    Approved but no pay date yerrr since last week

  10. Zanele Poppy

    Approved but not receive since 30 August 😥😥😥😥

    1. Aphelele

      Hi I’m still waiting for 350 grant money antill today

  11. Esnath kandiyeza

    Esnath .I applied for the grant 16/08/2021 my status says SASSA has acknowledged my application but till today no payment in my account

  12. Sholen

    I am still waiting for August payment

  13. Thakhani

    Since 3 weeks it approved by not paying

  14. Macdonald Mmetseng

    Mine says approve but no pay date..since 2 of August

    1. Maune A Moima

      On a serious note, dis government is really failing us. We are unemployed and really need this money

  15. Joy Prema Cynthia

    go back to your application form, and then go to banking details, fill that in and it’s Wil show you a big yellow tick, and you will receive sms immediately, do it slowly and accurately, good luck

  16. Vusi Daniel Jiyane

    Sassa approved my application in 4 weeks but I haven’t received any money

  17. Nameenee

    i am still waiting for my August payment into Capitec. payment day reflected as 1 August but nothing yet

  18. Lebo

    got approved on the 9th of august, pay date says ’20’ but no payment since august until today (17 Sep 2021)

    1. DFlex

      The pay date is for August 2021 SRD R350, August payments were delayed

  19. Rudzani Ramasimu

    I am waiting

  20. Amanda Mbhele

    My payday was on the 20 of August but still I didn’t get my money I’m using capitac my status is even pending September but no money

    1. Jimmy

      Mine it says approved for Agust and for September it’s still pending but i haven’t got Agust payment

  21. Puleng

    My 350 doesn’t withdraw at Capitec but when I check the balance it says I have the 350 the problem is when I withdraw it’s not coming out.

  22. Khosie

    Hi am using Capitec my R350 says Approved since August but I never recieved any payment even payday date

    1. Clarissa christofi

      Please tell me when is other payments coming .only got R350 for wait for aug.sept.oct. pay dates no payments yet

  23. Thandiwe

    I applied from 20 August but nothing and submitted baking details for capitec

  24. MaKilishe

    Have been paid only for August then September, October and November are approved with no pay dates. Government is really failing us

  25. Itumeleng

    Approved but not filed I need that money capitec

    1. Luthathando Higo

      Approved and payday stil waiting for money

  26. Rethabile

    Even me I’m approved but money is not in my count

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