Why August and September 2022 Not Appearing on the SRD R350 DashboardWhy August and September 2022 Not Appearing on the SRD R350 Dashboard

Many applicants are wondering why their status dashboard of the SASSA SRD R350 grant is not showing the August and September 2022.

This should not be of much importance but because, these applicants have seen other applicants which have their dashboard showing these months.


The truth of the matter is that, those who have their dashboard currently showing August and September have reconfirmed their applications respectively for those months.

Pee earlier regulations or framework, all applicants were supposed to reconfirm their existing applications after three payments. This was to inform SASSA that the applicant is still in need of the grant and failure to do that, will lead the termination of the SRD grant.


But upon pressures from some Civil Society Groups such as PayTheGrants or the Black Sash, SASSA amended their regulations which now does not require applicants to reconfirm their existing applications.

SASSA SRD R350 September 2022

In view of the above, applicants are no longer required to reconfirm after three months or whatsoever and moreover the threshold for the qualification increases from R350 to R624 paving way for more applicants to be covered.

Especially those who were earlier declined with reasons such as Alternative Income Source Identified are most as a result of receiving income from other sources more than the prevailing threshold in a month.

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It has to be noted that, SASSA has not started working on the August 2022 payments yet and when due, all applicants will see their August and subsequently September 2022 payments showing on the dashboard.

SASSA has come under intense pressure for failing to keep their promise timeline.

As at now, hundreds of thousands of applicants are still not paid since for their June and July 2022 payments although approved.


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