Should I reconfirm For 2023 SRD R350? July 2024

Yes. We have seen so many applicants who claims that when they reconfirmed their SRD R350, they have now seen the January 2023 module appearing on the dashboard.

It looks as if that is how their system is designed to operate, but even those who did not reconfirm their existing applications still had their July 2022 appearing.

Currently, July is pending waiting for either approval or declined depending on one’s financial status in the previous month.

So for now, if you want your August 2022 to appear on the dashboard, then you have to reconfirm your existing application.

According to SASSA system, as stated on their website, applicants are supposed to reconfirm their existing applications after three payments.

So ideally, if payments had gone on as planned, April, May and June, then reconfirmation would be done afterwards.

Several calls were made to SASSA to ascertain the authenticity of this claim but in all SASSA made it clear that there was no need for applicants to reconfirm.

They indicated that, if there is a need to do that they will officially announce through their website and on radio or via their official social media pages.

SASSA CEO Explaining SASSA SRD R350 grant payments Dates

But this notwithstanding, those who have done it can confirm that their August 2022 module of the SASSA SRD R350 grant is showing when checking their status.

So the question is should you reconfirm or not? It is your choice : you can choose to do or not at the end of the day, if you qualify for August 2022, it will be pending.


  1. Benginga reconfirmang uAugust manke angazinoma ngizoyitholayini kaAugust manje nabantu bakhuluma ezinto eziningo ukth kconfirmer every month abanye bethi after three month asisazi manje mawungakwenzanga okwaleyonyanga oyeqile wangareconfirmnga ngekuhole kuyiqiniso nomamangayini

  2. When I try to reconfirm the website just stop working and shows the sassa hands emblem since first of August it doesn’t allow me to reconfirm.why? I need the Money..Moya app and chrome doesn’t work

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