hat does decline for Withdrawal Insufficient Funds Mean?hat does decline for Withdrawal Insufficient Funds Mean?

Many applicants of the SASSA SRD R350 grant who were approved in January 2023 and their pay dates starting from 1st December 2022 were disappointed when they visited the various retail stores.

When they made attempt to withdraw their grants, they were declined for Insufficient funds although approved with pay dates and the pay dates are due for collection.


Many applicants are simply wondering what’s going on as SASSA is silent over these issues.

Below could be the reasons why such things can happen:

  • SASSA may not have credited the virtual accounts if these affected applicants at the time of withdrawal. As such, these applicants may have to wait for some days and check again.
  • Or probably SASSA may not have much funds to the Post Bank (Post Office) for SRD R350 Grant payments. Mind you, these grants were supposed to be paid by the post office but due to some irregularities, they stopped.
  • SASSA can contacted on 0800601011 toll free number to check what is happening.

For the mean time, affected applicants will have to try another day, let’s say after three days before trying to withdraw again.

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Although, we believe that at that time, things might have been resolved and payment can be made afterwards smoothly.

When collecting your grant, you only need the phone number used to apply and ID documents.


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