Please we are giving you some of the questions or questionnaire you are likely to provide answers to when filling the online application forms for the SASSA SRD R350 grant application.

It has to be noted that, some of the items might be a bit different depending on the platform used but basically means the same.


For now we are using the GovChat website but likewise you can also apply on WHATSAPP (0820468553) which is basically connected with the GovChat platform or the official SRD R350 application website

When you first visit tye website using the GovChat website you are given a place to enter your phone number to receive verification code.


Enter your cell phone number and click on login. Look for SASSA services and click on it. A drop down menu list will appear, click on apply for a grant and select Distress Relief.

SASSA SRD Questions and Answers Questionnaires

You will be asked to enter the reference number given on whatsapp or if no WhatsApp registration yet, click “Create New Form” a new reference code will be generated.

Next : Here make sure to tick all the two Terms and Conditions to accept by pushing those circles to the right to turn green. (Check the image attached below) this section ask your Personal information such as

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Citizenship status
  • ID Number after this click on the “NEXT” button beneath.
Fill in all the fields and click on Next

After clicking on the NEXT button, the system will populate your ID number and you with your Date of Birth and Gender (Male or Female).


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If you a disability, you indicate by moving the circle to the right to turn green. If there is no disability, just leave that part the way it is.

Gender and date of birth selected

In the next stage or page you will be asked to enter once again phone number.

Education: has the options – no school, primary school, grade 10, Grade 12, Tertiary.

Last Employed : this section wants to find out the last time the applicant was employed in a given year intervals. For instance, 0- 2 years, 2-5 years, 5-10 years. The applicant will choose the interval that fits his situation.

Address : this section has the following fields – Address line 1, address line 2, Suburb, City, Province and Postal code. Enter the residential address in both line 1 and 2 or can skip line 2. Enter the City or Town and the suburb if applicable. Suburb means a section of a town or city with allocated name. Province is pre-loaded so choose which province you stay eg Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Eastern Cape, Free State, KZN etc.

Mind you if you are using sassa website, there might be a a slight difference, there you are to select municipality and districts.

Indeed, this is last section. There is a green button down the page asking you to submit the application. After that you will receive a confirmation pop up message showing the reference number of and asking you to wait 24 hours before submitting your bank account information if any.

By default, Post office is payment option selected. You can go back to check your status.

The reference number must be well kept, because that’s what will be used to check status both on the GovChat and Whatsapp.


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  1. Good day how do I know what napping with my application of th Srd grand it’s been approved but no fit her details please help

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