The SRD R350 grant has been in arrears for two months now and even though June 2022 payments are made, there are still a number of applicants though approved but no payments yet.

This leaves many in despair as to when will they start paying the months in arrears especially June.


According to a video chanced upon couple of weeks ago, SASSA has a payment schedule for the arrears and they have decided to start the payment of the month of June 2022 in August and that of April in July.

The video is available below and visitors can watch the video themselves to ascertain for themselves.


Indeed, some would argue that they cannot trust SASSA and indeed, there are several times SASSA has missed their target or schedule.

SASSA CEO explains May 2022 SRD R350 Payments

But at least this will help one to estimate when the June 2022 payments will begin.

There are barely three days to compete the second week of the month, and starting a third week, and one wonders when July payments will even begin.

Civil Society Groups Heads To Court

A group of Civil Society Groups have headed to the law court to address what they call the unjust way of treating and eliminating some applicants with just some unjustifiable and flimsy excuses which are unfounded.


Watch the videos below for further details

SASSA SRD R350 in court by Activists

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  1. Reconsideration for four months has been approved but i have not received the payment date, what might be the problem?

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