Have you checked your status today? May be it is time to check your status, because we have received reports that SASSA has started approving April 2022 SRD R350 grants.

April 2022 has been in arrears together with the May 2022 and SASSA promised yo start working on April this month of July.


Since the new SRD R350 was reintroduced, starting from April 2022 to March 2023.

Applicants can now check if they are approved with pay dates or without pay dates and expect payments this week or next week.


There are calls for increase of the grant as the R350 grant is not enough to cater for the basic needs for survival in this country with the soaring inflation and high cost of living.

It was announced recently in the news that, the new threshold of R624 and subsequent increases in the grant accordingly and this will expand the number of applicants who can qualify.

Currently, the threshold for the SASSA SRD R350 is R350, what that means is that, if an applicant earns or receive a monthly total sum of more than R350, he is not eligible for this grant.

This has led to many applicants to be declined with alternative Income Source, which they claim SASSA is not telling the whole truth.


They believe this is a deliberate attempt by SASSA to deny them their basic right to dignity and survival.

To check your status for the month of April 2022, just click on this link

Select the month of April, the status will show up for you to see if you are approved or decline or still pending.


By Edna

4 thoughts on “Good News : April 2022 SRD R350 Approvals Currently Ongoing”
  1. How can I do about this since last year I started to apply for SRD R350 I can’t get my money even now there is nothing change but there are 7 manths that are approved but no pay date’s?

  2. How can I do about this since April 2022 my status still pending right now I can’t get my money even now there is nothing change please help me I need this money please

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