Latest Updates on the Application of the SRD R350 Grants

Applications Starts On Friday 6th August 2022


1) Website at
2) Wha
tsApp line on 082 046 8553.

3) USSD Code: *134*7737#


As at Wednesday, 28th November 2022 , most South Africans who are eager for the new application of the reinstated SRD R350 Grant to commence are at crossroads.

But this i may call, is a self-inflicted pains and unwarranted. Why do I say so? The Minister of the Department of Social Development (DSD) Ms Zulu made an announcement just a day after president speech for the reinstatement of the SRD R350 grants.

She said the grant application is yet to start and as such every one who wishes to receive the grant will have to submit a new application. In view of this the old ones or people who were earlier applied for the expired one will have to apply again.

It was clear in her delivery that, SASSA is yet to announce the application process. So that obviously means application has NOT started yet and people should throw away their desperate and follow the official news to ascertain things for themselves.


It is true that this country is going through a lot of difficulties, thus why the president and the finance Minister had admitted the need to reinstate the SRD R350 grants, although not enough.

You can follow this website for updates and support as we wait patiently for SASSA to roll out the application procedure.

Never fall victim to scammers who are parading themselves online as SASSA officials for their own parochial interest.

Keep sharing this on your various social media pages and profiles to create awareness.

The USSD mentioned above is currently not functioning, all applicants who wish to submit new applications for the SASSA SRD R350 Grant can do so online using the website provided.

There is also a possibility for old applicants to update their existing application if their circumstances have changed.

December 2022 payments are likely to be completed hopefully next week, thus starting from the 14th of December 2022.

They are usually follows after the regular grants are paid and looking at the fact that, the festive season is fast approaching and SASSA will have to close officially for the holidays.


By Edna

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    1. How do the people registered for sassa. If there are no number to call. Please give us a number or a e-mall adress to replay for sassa

  1. Why should. People re apply who received the srd grand already . It’s just to check if they listed under The unemployed fund . Just a suggestion.

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