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Why the Unemployment Grant SRD R350 Grant Application Is Delayed

When you go online especially om social media, the desperation seenon the comments from people concerning the reinstated SRD R350 Grant is quite disheartening.

People are actually hungry and angry at the same time looking at tge stress level.

On Sunday 25th July 2021, the president during one of his usual speeches regarding the measures taken to address the containment of the deadly virus, he emphasized the need to reinstate the SRD R350 Grant.

Most citizens welcomed this news with much jubilation hoping at least tye president has paid heed to their plights looking at dire effects of the global pandemic.

Earlier, there were speculations that those who have applied need not apply since their information are already in the SASSA system.

SASSA, having seen the confusion online and at various news portals, through the Minister of Department of Social Development, Mad. Lindiwe Zulu clarified hiw the new grant will be administered.

In her interview with some media houses, she made it known that, this grant is a new grant altogether and therefore each and every one will have to submit a new application.

She was quick to add that, as a way to tighten the application process so that only those that truly qualify arw approved and paid.

This, according to her, might delay tye process.

She noted that due to some loopholes in the previous system, a sizeable number of unqualified applications sneaked through including prisoners, government workers who are already on payroll.

Watch the video below for the full interview

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