COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress grant in South AfricaCOVID-19 Social Relief of Distress grant in South Africa

In a bid to continue providing crucial support to vulnerable individuals, the Department of Social Development has made an earnest plea for a two-year extension of the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant, commonly known as the R350 grant.

The Director-General of the department, Brenda Sibeko, spoke to SAFM on Friday, highlighting that the circumstances that led to the introduction of the grant have remained unchanged. The grant was initially implemented as a temporary measure to assist those who were most affected by the economic challenges posed by the pandemic. However, the ongoing impact of economic hardships necessitates an extension of this vital lifeline.


The SRD Grant was designed to benefit a specific target group comprising South African citizens, refugees, asylum seekers, and special permit holders aged between 18 and 60 years. This demographic consists of individuals who face financial difficulties, do not receive any other social grants, are ineligible for Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) payments, and lack financial support from alternative sources.

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The R350 grant has played an instrumental role in providing much-needed relief to millions of vulnerable individuals during its tenure. The financial assistance has enabled recipients to meet basic needs, including food, shelter, and other essentials, ultimately alleviating some of the hardships brought about by the pandemic’s fallout.

Extending the SRD Grant for another two years would offer a safety net to those who continue to grapple with financial insecurities. As the country endeavors to recover from the impacts of the pandemic, the grant remains a vital tool in reducing poverty and supporting those most in need.

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Throughout its implementation, the R350 grant has garnered significant public support and appreciation for the positive impact it has had on the lives of countless beneficiaries. It has not only helped individuals withstand economic hardships but has also contributed to sustaining local economies by injecting funds into communities.


The call for the extension of the SRD Grant comes at a time when the nation is seeking to rebuild and strengthen its social safety net. Providing financial assistance to vulnerable groups will promote inclusive growth and ensure that no one is left behind in the country’s journey towards recovery and prosperity.

As this call reaches the ears of policymakers and stakeholders, many citizens eagerly await a positive response. The extension of the R350 grant would be a testament to the government’s commitment to its citizens’ well-being and underscore its dedication to ensuring that no one is left without a lifeline during these challenging times.

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However, the decision to extend the grant rests on various factors, including budget considerations and economic conditions. The Department of Social Development continues to engage in rigorous discussions to evaluate the feasibility and potential impact of a two-year extension.

While the nation awaits the final decision, the call for an extension of the SRD Grant serves as a reminder that we are a society that cares for its most vulnerable members and stands united in ensuring that they are not forgotten or neglected.

As the country continues to navigate the complexities of the post-pandemic landscape, the importance of social welfare programs like the SRD Grant cannot be overstated. It is a beacon of hope for those facing financial hardships and represents the collective will to build a fairer and more inclusive society.


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