COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress grant in South AfricaCOVID-19 Social Relief of Distress grant in South Africa

According to a report intercepted by this news portal, the Pay The Grant movement reached out to SASSA concerning the seemingly delay in the approval and subsequent payment for the July 2023 R350 Grant.

Many applicants are stranded not knowing what to do, because it almost the end of the month but no approvals yet not to talk about payment dates.


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In the report, SASSA acknowledged that they have delayed the processing of applications for the month of July 2023 but has promised that applicants will still receive their payments before the end of the month of July 2023.


Below is the report as shared by #PaytheGrants:

‘PTG – UPDATE “SRD – July 2023 Payments”


Greetings @everyone

Sassa has notified #PTG that they are running a bit late with this month’s assessment of the SRD.
They hope to have them paid out before month end.


In Solidarity #PayTheGrants’


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