You are currently viewing SRD R350 Post Office Payments Dates for May 2021
SASSA Grant Payment Dates 2021

SRD R350 Post Office Payments Dates for May 2021

SASSA SRD Post Office Payments Dates for May 2021 has been released officially from the Post Office. Below are the payment details.

The last three digits of the applicant’s ID number with their corresponding dates.

Post Office has made this arrangement in order for social distance protocols are observed at various locations and to avoid overcrowding.

They advised that if it is not your turn, please don’t go to the post office to collect your grant.

SASSA Grant Payment Dates 2021

It has to be noted that the first week of May 2021 will be used for the collection of regular SASSA grants like Old Age Grant, Disability grant, Child Support Grant etc.

Week Two

10th May: 080 & 085 
11th May  : 081 & 086 
12th May : 082 & 087
13th May : 083  & 088 
14th  May : 084 & 089

Week Three

17th May: 080 & 085 
18th May  : 081 & 086 
19th May : 082 & 087
20th May : 083  & 088 
21st  May : 084 & 089

Week Four

24th May: 080 & 085 
25th May  : 081 & 086 
26th May : 082 & 087
27th May : 083  & 088 
28th  May : 084 & 089 

Although the SRD R350 Grant has officially been ended, all those who have been approved will receive payments at the various Post Offices.

Meanwhile, some organizations and even the Social Development minister have thrown their support for further extension of the SRD grant.

They are calling on government to extend and review the grant upward to the R585.

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  1. Namhla Tsengiwe

    Eish me they say I m registered on irp5.Ok I have it then I had to go and submit it in east London.i go there they say I must go back to sassa because I have no money on there what a waste of money because i borrowed it.when go to sassa they in Queenstown they srd lines are off line eish know I’m hiding myself to those people Ithat borrow me money because i can’t pay them……what must I do I’m down and feel like I’m helpless

  2. Lihle

    I’m in or out because I don’t get my R350 all aloy months ago why?

  3. Lihle

    Why I don’t get my R350 ,become 2 months ago no payday explain why

  4. Siyakudumisa Ngxumane

    Guys, i would like to dispute the fact that i qualify for uif.My question is, because i have been getting this money from Sassa since i’m not working what changed between now and then

  5. Lesego Moyo

    The number ive applied srd sassa um nolonger using them so i cnt reapply please help

  6. anelisa

    my sisters son didnt get it,its been pending since he applied last year august whats going on!!!

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