How To Change SRD Phone Number Without Application IDHow To Change SRD Phone Number Without Application ID

There are possibly two ways to get the AppID in case you wish to change your phone number for SRD

  • By checking your status. Use the application status link Provide your ID number and phone number. And submit for your status to show up. On the dashboard, you will see the six digits code which is the application ID.
  • The second is to contact SASSA on the hotline 0800601011 for confirmation before.

For those applicants who wish to change their SRD phone number without application ID (AppId).


For one to change his or her phone number that was used to submit the application, you need the AppID in order to complete the change of number.

But it may happen that, you do not have access to the AppID probably because you don’t have access to the phone number that was used to apply or the SMS containing the AppID may be missing.


Technically, without the application ID or AppID, you cannot change your cellphone number on the SRD R350 application.

One thing applicants must bear in mind is that the SASSA SRD R350 application platform does not have much security at the user level, so if anyone gets access to your ID number and phone number, he or she will be able to mess up your application by changing your phone number and sometimes your banking details or generally your payment option.

The last option available is to contact SASSA on the hotline 0800601011 but you need to verify your identity first.



Due to high fraud related issues regarding cellphone number change for the SASSA SRD R350 Grant, SASSA now requires Biometric Identity Verification before anyone else can change number used to submit the application.

There have been several complaints of number change which has now resulted in this.

  • Pick your cell phone and call SASSA on the hotline 0800601011
  • Let them know you want to change the number already in their system
  • They will send you two SMS messages
  • The second one will contain a link that will be used to submit biometric identity verification
  • You may be asked to take a picture of yourself or selfie for identification
  • You may then be asked to confirm your nunber

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  1. I don’t remember the phone number I was using the time I was applying 350 when I’m trying to change they ask me application ID ,I don’t know please help its been year now I don’t receive my 350 and no one is working at home

  2. I have a problem someone changed my srd cellphone number without my permission please help I forget my ID application number

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