If you are a recipient of SASSA grants then here are the SASSA payment dates for January 2022.

The payment dates are for the Old Age Pension Grant, Disability grant, Child Support Grant, and the rest.


Below are the payments dates

  • Old Age Pension Grant (and other grants linked) – 4th January
  • Disability Grant ( and other linked grants) – 5th January
  • Child Support Grant (and the rest) – 6th January

It has to be taken into consideration that these payment dates are officially released by SASSA and it is according to new payment arrangements made due to the spread of the virus.

MonthOld Age Disability GrantChild Support Grant
August 20213rd4th5th
September 20213rd6th7th
October 20215th6th7th
November 20213rd4th5th
December 20211st2nd3rd
January 20224th5th6th
February 20223rd4th7th
March 20213rd4th7th
SASSA Child Support Grant Payment Dates For February 2022

In the table above the January payment dates are in the bold green colour, just take note.

For those who receive the SRD R350 grants should note that during these dates given above, srd payments at the post offices are suspended

Source: SASSA


By Edna

8 thoughts on “SASSA Payments Payout Dates for January 2022”
  1. Goodmorning why cant I get the 350 unemployed grand mu mom already get my two childrens grand but I did apply but when I go to post office then they say im not on the system why what can I do I also got a letter from uif to give to sassa and I send it online but still nothing pls help me I need the money no income thank u

  2. Good morning
    Ive applied for the R350 grant last year October 2021 because Im unemployed. Till April 2021 I was declined. Then Paid out at the post office once. i applied in August 2021 again. Till today Ive been declined again. Same problem as before. Declined UIF registered. I did not received any UIF when I lost my job. I did registered but was Declined at the UIF offices. Should that show on the computer. Now Im being punished because SASSA says Im registered for UIF but I did not received any money. For that I’m not getting the R350. Really! Im unemployed…I do not receive any income…Now please fix the computer..Ive got a wife and a child.. SASSA number 294254. Please get back to me. Thanks Louis

  3. Whom it may concern, hi my wife applied for the R350 grant, she did apply for the second one, but haven’t received anything yet, what next step should she take, as she’s not working, she did received the previous R350 grant, why not now?

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